Starting over again in IT after a 20 Year Absence

In late 2000 I made the arduous decision to leave my IT job that I had loved so much but then it started to break me down.  I had the dreaded IT burnout as it was called.  I will...


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TO BUY OR NOT BUY : Timberland

TO BUY OR NOT BUY: Timberland seriously good! I am neither a travel blogger nor have I been ever sponsored by Timberland or any other shoe...



Is Insurance worth it?

"Are you insured?", asks a TV advertisement lately. I asked myself, "Do I need this one?". The answer to whether or not an Insurance...

Buy Low, Sell High

Ever traded an asset? There are various ways to turn the tide towards you. One of the ways is to buy low and sell high. This...

Money That Matters

Picture Credits: Josh Appel@joshappel This is not a course on what money is. We start from simple facts. Let me know if I missed something. FACT...

Philosophy and Life

The Constitutional Army – 25 October 1794

Well, this whole ordeal is, for the most part, finally over. About a month ago, on September 19th, we received news that President Washington...

Emperor’s without clothes?

Photo by Peter Ivey-Hansen on Unsplash Government comes from the term govern. From Old French governer, derived from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern”,...

Coronavirus and how to stay alert

What is a coronavirus? A Coronavirus is a virus that causes diseases in mammals and birds. An outbreak of coronavirus is usually lethal. Hence the...
Pennsylvania State University

Tuition Free Education for Foster Kids in Pennsylvania ( Governor Tom Wolf )

A bit overdue, I've been meaning to write about this for some time now.  A few months ago, Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill...

Election Meddling

This is a very general topic. However, you can find out issues in your local environment to make some sense of what this article...



Fishing on the Atlantic Ocean

Fishing in Long Beach Island New Jersey on the Atlantic Ocean

Who wants to go fishing on Saturday?   That's what I saw on a Wednesday evening on a Facebook post.  A friend of mine was...

STARTUPS Software Inc

Meeting with Fred Stluka, CEO of Software inc.

Meeting with Fred Stluka A while back, on my search for Blockchain groups locally, I stumbled upon a group locally on Meetup.  It was...
Web Host

Optimized SEO Architecture

Optimized SEO Architecture Optimized SEO Architecture For Null Worries and Remarkable Performance. The ever-changing optimized architecture and regulations frequent unplanned audits in the hosting industry leave...

Technology Stack for your Client

It Depends. Banging your head around now and then, and always wondering what technology stack you need to build your digital product or an online...