3 portraits of a celebrity


I found three successful portraits of Hunter Schafer:

The first portrait was shot by Daniella Midenge. I think this portrait uses poses and framing very well. Hunter’s posture and outfit create an interesting shape and the reflective material makes the image brightest right in the center. However, I don’t think that this is the best portrait of the three because Hunter’s face is turned to the side and not very large. For a celebrity portrait, I think it is important to capture the person’s face.

The second portrait was shot by Daria Kobayashi Ritch. I think this portrait really successfully captures Hunter’s emotion and attitude. Her hands/ arms kind of create a frame-within-a-frame around her face. And the gold on her hands reflects light–making the frame around her face even stronger. I think if this portrait were in black and white, there might be be too many greys, so perhaps the contrast should be higher.

The last portrait was shot by Ethan James Green. Firstly, stitching two portraits together is a genius way of not only creating more shapes in the image but also giving the audience a more expansive look into Hunter’s attitude by allowing her multiple poses and expressions. The light and shadows in this picture are very strong, and I really like how Hunter’s poses juxtapose one another and create a very unique shape between them. I think this portrait would be more successful if he had shot her from many different sides. The symmetry is nice, but I wish we could see more than just her left side. 

I think that my favorite of these three portraits is the second one because the image feels very unified with the gold tying everything together, and I like how Hunter’s eyes are the center of the photo. 


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