6 Months Training in DotNet


First Week : 27 January,2020 – 2 February,2020


As i had to make a website so these are the basic languages used to develop a web page.

On 27th Jan, I learned about HTML Elements and Tags that includes html body, head, headings, comments, heading, attributes, image, paragraph, title tags. Formatting and concept of hyper and external  links in html.

On 28th Jan, I learned about tables, lists, form, division, textbox, buttons, class, id etc. in HTML.

On 29th Jan, I  covered different types of CSS that is internal ,external and inline CSS and also discover why it is more beneficial to use external  CSS in website and i practiced  the basic syntax of CSS.

On 30th and 31st Jan, I learned about CSS navigation bar, dropdowns, round corners, background, colors, gradients, shadows, text effects etc. And I was given a task by my supervisor to code a designed form in HTML and CSS.

Second Week : 3 February,2020 – 9 February,2020

JavaScript and jQuery

On 3rd and 4th Feb, I started with JavaScript. JavaScript is used to program the behavior of web pages. I came to know about the syntax of javascript variables, function, object, operators, comparisons in JavaScript. I learned about validations in javascript that how one can include validation while including basic forms.

On 5th and 6th Feb, I covered jquery, JavaScript library. jQuery syntax, selector, events: mouse events, keyboard events, form events, document events and jquery on HTML tags: get, set, add value etc.

On 7th Feb, my supervisor asked to apply jQuery functions and effects on form I coded earlier.

Third Week : 10 February,2020 – 16 February,2020


On 10th Feb, I started with database and in the following week i came to know about the concepts of database. I used SQL database. The introduction part of database covers the topics like why we need a database to store the information as compared to traditional file system. I studied concepts of DDL, DML and DCL languages and then i get myself familiar with basic queries of SQL like insert, update, delete, create, alter, update, rename. I also came to know about primary key, foreign key, Joins, Group By, Order by etc. other queries. And also SQL datatypes, keywords and functions.

I practiced all the queries in MS SSMS.

Fourth Week : 17 February,2020 – 23 February,2020


ASP stands for active server pages. ASP.NET is a development framework for building web pages. I learned about ASP.NET server controls like label, textbox, button, hyperlinks etc. Downloading and uploading files in ASP.NET. ASP.NET session, datalist, dropdownlist, datagrid.

In ASP.NET instead of writing code for server controls and designing we can drag and drop them in design page and align them according to our need. And code is done automatically on other side.

Fifth Week : 24 February,2020 – 1 March,2020


C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET initiative led by Anders Hejlsberg. I learned about C# datatypes, data conversions, syntax, variables, constants, loops, class methods.

With this I created some small projects and programs for practice in ASP.NET and C#.

Sixth Week : 2 March,2020 – 8 March,2020

In this week I was assigned different small task to gain skills of ASP.Net. I was given a small form part of one of previous project of organisation coded in ASP.Net so that I can understand flow of data in code and data connectivity and other parts of a project.

I learned about stored procedures in SQL Server, DataSet, DataReader, ASP: Repeater and other functions.

We discussed about project, existing problem and solution. I created flowchart of project and decided the procedure of the project.

Seventh Week : 9 March,2020 – 15 March,2020

In this week, organisation shared their employees database as I had to create a login page for my project. Their is no signup page in my application as only organisation employees already registered with their email id can access the application.

I created a login page that employee goes to a dashboard on the basis of his role.Firstly, i created a User module in which i designed a homepage with user’s name. And a form for applying for a tour. I created data table for tour request form, did connectivity and inserted form data in table as a single row.

Eighth Week : 16 March,2020 – 22 March,2020

In this week, I did connectivity and inserted tour request form data in table as a single row. Then I created Incharge module where H.O.D. can see the pending tour requests of his department’s employees, for his response. The H.O.D. enters his response and updates the row in table on the basis of id. I also have created a detail page in which H.O.D. can see the details of tour request on the basis of id.

23 March,2020 – 26 April,2020

During this time, work from home started and due to unavailability of project code and data I wasn’t able to work on project.

In this time, I learned ASP.NET, C# and also some basics of ASP.NET MVC from microsoft documentation and kudvenkat tutorials.

27 April,2020 – 3 May,2020

I restarted my project as code was shared. I created Vehicle Incharge module, in this request is shown if it is approved by incharge and has request for taxi or government vehicle. Then, I created director module in this request is for final approval as then only employee can go on a tour. The details page is also their in vehicle incahrge and director module. I created a history page each in incharge, vehicle incharge and director module where the requests responded by them are shown. I also created a Request status page in user module where he can track his application as thier is a table shown where user can see status of response of all.

4 May,2020 – 10 May,2020   

I created a Pending confirmation page in incharge module as incharge updates the application that user has successfully executed the tour or not. I did changes in detail page where I added response of the incharge, vehicle inharge and director and also incharge confirmation in every module. Also, created history page in user module where user’s executed, cancelled or rejected tour requests are shown with details.

11 May,2020 – 17 May,2020 

I added tour request page, request status page and history page in incharge module and vehicle incharge module as they also need director approval for tour. Request generated by incharge is automatically approved by incharge .

I started working on second part of project where user apply for allowance of executed tours. I created a page in user module, where user can see his executed tours and can apply for allowance, for this created a form where user has to enter his journey details and other expenses.

18 May,2020 – 24 May,2020

I created data table for allowance request and did connectivity to send data of form in data table in multi rows. In incharge module, a page for pending allowance requests was created where incharge give his response. Here also a detail page was created to show details of allowance request.

25 May,2020 – 31 May,2020

In this time I created two modules for A/c clerk and A/c officer. After incharge approval, allowance request goes to clerk module for his approval and then to officer module if clerk approves. If request is rejected by any module then request goes in user module Apply Again page, where user can directly apply again by simply clicking on button, instead of filling all the details again.

1 June,2020 – 7 June,2020

In Director module, Pending allowance request page was created, In this requests approved by officer are shown which director update with his response. Also created history page in every module where they can see responded allowance request and a request status page in user module to track application.

8 June,2020 – 17 June,2020

Once approved by director, Clerk pays allowance amount to user and updates application about same in pay allowance page and updates data. The allowance detail page is updated with others s response in every module. The pages for allowance request in user module are added in incharge and vehicle incharge module also.

18 June,2020 – 21 June,2020

Some changes are done on the basis of testing of application. And project report is created.


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