7-10 things I learned from the short films


I didn’t know anything about Carrie Mae Weems before watching this video, and I learned a lot from her. I learned about the painting Olympia and how Weems pushed back against the lack of Black representation in art that she personally likes but is disappointed in. Creating Weems’ piece “After Manet” was a very empowering experience for the young girls she photographed. This is similar to the Elle Pérez video about empowering queer people through photography. From the Elle Pérez video, I learned that it is important to be clear about if your work is documentary or staged. I like how the video addressed how photography can replace language; it depicts things we cannot use words to explain. In this video, photos elaborate on the trans experience more than words ever could. This video also illuminated for me how the size of an image can change the subject of the photo itself. When details are blown up to a massive size, the audience focuses on things that would have been invisible before. 


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