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As gathering and physical distance regulation remains flux, evaluation, online meeting resources may be used remotely. This will effect the evaluation process, schedule and composition of committee listed below. It major changes occur, applications and assessors will be informed.

What is the return of investment?

The return of initial investment is referred to as capital recovery when an investment is first made in an asset or business, the investor initially sees the negative return before the initial investment is recovered.

Definition of the statement of account

An account is periodic overview of account operation with a beginning that checks account statements usually issued, monthly and brokerage account statements which are often alled account statements as monthly credit card bills.

Definition of the appointment letter.

A letter is offering tells someone they have got a job with a company or organization.

How to send legal notice?

Importance of filing a legal notice

  • by sending legal notice, it can clear, intention on the part of sender to file a lawsuit for the purpose of resolving the issue to which the other party might respond immediately to save one self from court proceedings.
  • A person can easily describes his grievance in a legal notice with the help o Advocate.
  • Serving of legal notice gives an opportunity to receiver of legal notice that is the opposite party to resolve the issue cordially.
  • It acts the reminder for the receiver of the legal notice about the acts has intentionally or unintentionally have created a problem for the sender.

Essentials of sec 80 of code of civil procedure.

  • Name, description and place of residence of the sender of notice.
  • Statement of cause of action.
  • Relief claimed by the sender of notice.
  • Summary of legal basis for the relief claimed.

Proof of funds

Evidence of funds is a letter or documentation certifying that sufficient funds are available to an individual institution or corporation to complete a transaction. A pof is usually used to buy a commercial bank or custody agent to provide another party with trust or assurance typically a seller that the person or company in question has enough funds to complete an agree-upon purchase.

Notice under Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 regarding dishonor of cheques


Sh.(Name & Address)


Sub:- Notice under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act for cheques Dishonored due to insufficient funds.

Dear Sir,

Under instructions and authority from our client M/s. ________ having their office at _________, we serve upon you the following notice of demand under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.

  1. That your business concern M/s _______ had purchased from my client goods (Name and brief description of goods) vide their invoice bearing no. ___ dated ________ for Rs._______
  2. On delivery of goods above mentioned, you issued a cheques bearing no. ____ dated _________ for Rs._______drawn on ____ Bank.
  3. That when the aforesaid cheques was presented by our client M/s. ____ to your Bankers i.e. ________ the same was returned unpaid by the Bank with the remarks/reasons “Insufficient Funds”. This fact was brought to your notice by our client vide letter dated_______.
  4. That in reply to our client’s letter, you sent a letter dated ____ requesting him to deposit the cheques again with a banker and assured him that they will be cleared this time.
  5. My client again presented your above-mentioned cheques with its bankers, this time again cheques was returned unpaid by the bank due to insufficient funds.
  6. That thereafter in spite of many telephonic reminders and personal visits by the representative of our client to your office, you failed to make the payment due to our client.
  7. That on account of the above facts, you are liable to be prosecuted under section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 as amended up to date under which you are liable to be punished with imprisonment which may extend to one year or with fine which may extend to twice the amount of cheques or with both.
  8. Under the circumstances, we call upon you to make the payment of Rs. _____ being the principal amount of the aforesaid cheques along with interest @ ____ % per annum till the time of actual payment within a period of 15 (fifteen) days from the date of receipt of this notice, failing which we will be bound to take further necessary action under the provisions of Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 against you in the competent court of law at your risk and cost.

This is without prejudice to all other legal rights and remedies available to our client for the above-stated purpose.

Kindly take notice.


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