First when I heard the news,I thought the fire came out of the middle of the Amazon. I thought, how could it be, a dense green Jungle catching fire out of nowhere!

Source: Google Maps, 2019.

My country Nepal is full of Jungles too! There are thousands of hills, numerous high altitude mountains like Everest, and the whole country is covered by greenery. We have a large number of forests you can imagine, just not as big trees as Amazon has, but we do sure have a lot of stake in biodiversity and natural resources. In my entire lifetime, I have never seen a forest fire that I could say “This is a serious wildfire and this has affected the entire country.” However, I have seen some forest fires that were of some scale, not as big as the amazon’s picture like I posted above.

Smoke consists of particles that arise after something burns. The smoke is not heavy enough to settle onto the ground, but spreads across a large volume, wind helps it expand even more. In the case of fires like Amazon, winds would play a very significant role in spreading the fire. The fire can not be extinguished by your usual fire-extinguishers or your fire-brigades, in fact, the fire is so big that it is really dangerous to just go near them. A burning jungle is a burning furnace, a growing chamber of toxic gases, engulfing everything on its way.


It is a very ripe time for Greta and her band, whoever it be, to replay their man-made global-warming rap song again across the Atlantic, if Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and the Davy Jones were real beings, all of them would have ganged together against her, as she is polluting the ocean more than she thinks with her stunt of not taking a flight for her nonsense voyage.

If you think my biases are baseless, think again.


Weird right? I make an analogy of global warming to a very hot lady in Amsterdam, shopping around the earth with 100 invisible ninja-like skilled bodyguards. Wherever she goes, she attracts eyes and money because she is attractive as fuck. She does not leave the general audience without a “wow” with her appearance, although she does know that her style is fake and artificial. She knows how to manipulate the crowd with her smile, she knows how to give hope to people around her to live a standard life, a life that is full of abundance if she is kept happy and alive, and she would have no problem in gathering some followers around the world, what harm she could actually do? she’s the hot lady with all the beauty around her, only those who poke her would be eliminated by her ninjas in the shadows. She knows she can not stay alive without her ninjas, she knows she needs her ninjas to fuel her charm, and she knows she can not do better than this to keep herself alive. She also needs someone young, who she can pass her heritage, the formula to control the masses, the formula to gain a positive public opinion on her existence, and then rob their wealth as she smiles and passes by your streets.

She has found her disciple. You know who she is, she likes to float on Atlantic, Davy Jones is so not proud of you little disciple.

Why Forest fires matter?

  1. Loss of lives, plants or animals, or even humans nearby.
  2. Loss of wealth, big trees are wealth, they provide us with wood, food and what not.
  3. Loss of greenery and beauty.
  4. A little more polluted environment.
  5. The Soil is probably not hospitable for quite sometime after a devastating fire.

It is obvious and a responsible thing to ACT IMMEDIATELY when something big like Amazon is on FIRE. The world governments who can do something about it should do it without arranging a meeting that is scheduled after 48 hours or so, every minute counts if you are really serious, and every life counts. Let go of the bureaucracy, cut the crap, and get whatever you can on the air, on the ground, do everything to let the fire not spread more.

If Notre-Dame was your cultural heritage and you could raise billions overnight,you can do much bigger and better, and let your true philanthropist come outside of you to save the natural heritage of the world. The world needs you, in whatever ways you can help.

Act Now!



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