Assault On The House Of William Faulkner – 25 August 1792


This next post is with regards to the events of August 20. On that date, a good-sized mob assaulted the house of William Faulkner. First, they opened fire on the building. Afterwards, they broke into the house and ransacked it, destroying everything inside. The reason for this attack was what the house was being used for: it was the local excise office. Faulkner had been loaning it to John Neville, the tax collector in charge of that area. Because of the violence, Neville has had to move his offices elsewhere.

About a month before, a mob went up to the house and broke down the signage saying it was the tax office, so this was not necessarily unexpected. John Nevill is generally a disliked figure in these parts, due to his eager involvement as a tax collector.


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