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Mississippi emergency assistance. 

The state of Mississippi coordinates several emergency assistance programs for residents. Many use federal government funds, and resources are coordinated by the Mississippi Department of Human Services. The state also works with local organizations, such as your local Human Resource Agency office and also Community Action Agencies. Get details on the numerous social service programs and financial assistance programs below. 

Mississippi Community Food and Nutrition Program, which is called CF&N for short, offers free food, groceries and a wide variety of other nutritional needs to low-income people in communities. The program can provide assistance for Mississippi individuals and families to help them increase the amount of food that is available to them. 

The funds from the government funded CF&N program are used to purchase a variety of meals and groceries for income qualified households, and these items are provided to local food banks and pantries to help with meeting the nutritional needs of eligible low income Mississippi families. Individuals will need to stop by local food pantries or apply for government food assistance to access CF&N as this is not a service available to the general public. 

Various emergency needs can also be funded by the Community Services Block Grant. This can provide a wide range of resources or activities that can address the underlying causes of poverty in Mississippi. For example, low income individuals can get financial help for finding and retaining employment, help people develop job skills and educational opportunities, and improve their income over time. Other grants can help meet food needs, assist people with finding and paying for housing and rent, provide health services, and address other community affairs. 

The Community Services Block Grant is run by local Human Resource Agencies as well as Community Action Agencies in counties and towns across Mississippi. The statewide Division of Community Services distributes emergency funds to both garner local resources and stimulate community participation. Case management, social services and referrals to emergency financial assistance programs can be provided too. 

Save on your energy bills in Mississippi from the Weatherization Assistance ProgramLow income families with children, the elderly, and disabled can save money on their energy bills from this government funded resource. Weatherization can help make homes more energy efficient, and updates and improvements are made for free to qualified individuals. In addition to free updates (such as insulation, windows, and caulking) additional support includes energy efficiency education. This is also provided for each household that is weatherized as part of the program.  

We provide information on financial assistance programs, charities, non-profits and other resources that can help people make it through a difficult period. Find ways to get help with rent, utility bills, free food, foreclosure and credit counseling, health care, and much more. Note that almost all agencies and programs have limited funding and applicants may also need to meet certain eligibility requirements. 

If you need additional help, such as information on assistance programs in your area, please e-mail us. We will reply to every e-mail. Be sure to include your state as a significant amount of resources and assistance programs are offered at the state or local level. 

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