Batho Pele (People First) CSO


Batho Pele (People First) is a civil society organization situated in Parys, northern Free State province that Commenced after COVID-19 pandemic in Awareness of health care, where we realized the importance of hygiene and also how people in our community took the Covid issue for granted. The Aim of this foundation is to make sure people comply with the restrictions and takes any possible majors to prevent the diseases. Batho Pele (People first) Foundation saw the need to take actions towards trying to tackle the disease spread as we can see how our people are not aware that some of their actions can put their lives in danger and easily contact the disease.

The Batho Pele came through when people started rumors that Covid is not real and it is a myth of the government to try reduce population and specifically black population this led to people presuming it. People started to believe this and said those who died it’s because of a natural flu. The misinformation and misunderstanding of COVID-19 got the Free state province having 89,627 number of cases confirmed by South African Statista and stands as a number 4 highest province with cases by region and this shows how people were not complying with the pandemic rules because of what they believed is true. As The Batho Pele foundation we posted on the streets and social media to make sensible to the matter that people who are in the lead for spreading fake information without real facts they might find themselves in trouble with the law. We had to develop something to save people from this misinformation as it ran quick and people we convicted. The other Misleading and inaccurate information was that Covid only attacks people in the mid 60-70 only and yes this people might be in high risk to get the disease but they are not the only ones, we are all in imperilment, people were not sensible on how dangerous covid-19 it is doesn’t choose age neither skin color. Batho Pele foundation in partnership with (National Department of Health) stepped in with showing people on social media and in real life that how people where dying all over the world because this disease. To support the effort to the fight of #Covid19 we as Batho Pele volunteered to work with the government’s “help us Report Misinformation” campaign, launched in September last year as it was quite clear that those who believe false ideas and misinformation about COVID-19 are less likely to engage in the mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing and even vaccination.

COVID-19 is real at the end of the day and it is sad that people had started to fancy it quite too late as it kept getting closer attacking families and friends. Batho Pele Civil Society Organization is concern with the wellbeing of the society in and outside the province. Coronavirus is liable for prosecution and it is therefore important for anyone to verify information before they share any particulars regarding COVID-19. Report Fake news through the Real411 website: or 24hrs landline on 011229667.


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