beauty of samangad fort kolhapur


Samangad is a hill fort in Kolhapur DistrictMaharashtra. It is 2,600 feet (790 m) above sea level. The fort is situated on the oval-shaped top of the hill. The eight-foot-high wall of the fort which encircled the hill top is still intact.

This fort is a tomb of famous warrior Shri Prataprao Gujar who fought against the Adil Shahi army of Bahalul Khan with only six soldiers. Stories are told by local from generation to generation.

The fort is surrounded by trees; it is developed by the government of Maharashtra as a tourist place. Also Maruti temple and Chaloba temple near fort is visited by devotees. A village near fort is Naukud, Hasursasgiri and Chinchewadi which is a rural area. Gun fire weapons at Naukud found and kept near Vithoba temple.

The other most important attraction over here is BHUI BHANGARA which means cracked land. It is actually temple of lord shiva under the crevices of rock and has got stairs to climb down. there are statues of many deities like DATTATRAY, SHANI and GANESHA. It has got long corridor there is belief among the natives here that there is a hidden tunnel from fort till here for escaping. Also the MARUTI temple near to this was built by SAMARTH RAMDAS SWAMI.The BHIMSHAPPA MATH is another prominent destination it is the shrine of local saint BHIMSHAPPA who attained nirvana here. A small village got its name BHIMSASGIRI from this saint which is later known to be HASURSASGIRI.


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