Catfish in Chesapeake City Maryland close to Chesapeake Inn

Chesapeake City behind Chesapeake Inn

Catfish in Chesapeake City Maryland close to Chesapeake Inn

As you probably know from my profile, I LOVE FISHING.  With all CAPS, this is a serious relationship between us.  Like, I think this is gonna work out for life, or at least until I have a traumatic experience like

Chesapeake Inn
Chesapeake Inn, Chesapeake City MD

almost dying from or falling out of a boat or something and being attacked by a shark.  Since I don’t feel that’ll ever happen.  Yes, we’re in love hence we’re gonna talk about Chesapeake City/Bay Maryland close to Chesapeake Inn.

I had the pleasure of fishing in Chesapeake City Maryland, close to the Chesapeake Inn.  The area is absolutely beautiful as you can see from the images.  Also, the Catfish are abundant and many available within the waters.

As many of you already know, there are many different species of Catfish in and around the world.  These are channel Catfish.

Many local restaurants around the area serve them on their menu as a wholesome meal.  Although I’ve been fishing all my life, I certainly don’t enjoy eating fish.

Typically I catch and release unless a family member or friend requests that I bring them some fish to eat.  Hence, I do it for sport and allowing for someone else to enjoy the same catch I did one day.

Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay Maryland

Here in Downingtown Pa, where I grew up fishing, I’d attend the rodeos, and usually the fish there typically trout are stocked.  Unlike the Chesapeake Bay where they are native.  Also much bigger.

Many people that have fished with me, weren’t fans of going fishing for catfish.  Nobody enjoyed eating those.  Unlike myself, who enjoys the larger game fish.  This year one of my Birthday gifts was a Surf Rod, hence that means, much more beach fishing ahead.

However, that is for another blog where I caught my first EVER Shark and that feeling will always remain in the longterm memory, or at least until I have dementia.

The day was great, bright, and sunny.  I headed out to drive to the Chesapeake Bay on an

Boating at Chesapeake City
Boat Docks at Chesapeake City behind Chesapeake Inn

early afternoon as it’s only about a 1-hour drive from my location here in Pennsylvania.

I expected more of a highway drive, but no.  Most of the driving experience was all back roads thru small towns and great scenery, I made my journey.

Not knowing what to expect, I sought out the experience of a friend who had recently gone and told me about his experiences and which is typically the best bait to use.  I always used chicken liver for catfish, however, he recommended I use raw shrimp so I brought both with me.

Man do those catfish love raw Shrimp.  Who would have thought?  I always knew that Catfish love anything with a pungent smell, but would have never guessed trying raw shrimp.  But yes, it does work well and I kept nailing them left and right.

Plenty of Fish there for sure and I highly recommend the location at the Chesapeake Bay across from the Chesapeake Inn to anyone who loves catfish for game or eating.

I fished for about 2 hours and caught 7 Catfish before my stomach started to rumble from hunger.  Luckily for me, the Chesapeake Inn had food and the best part, beer.  So I started making my journey over to the Inn for some food and ale.

I ordered myself a beer while waiting for my burger to arrive.  Man, could I get used to that view every day?  Probably!  People were smiling, enjoying, socializing, and overall having a great time.  Boats were launching and of course, people fishing.

Chesapeake Bay
Breath taking photo by Hemant Kohli

I ate my food upon arrival, then later jumped back to the fishing spot to try out my luck.  I caught a few more, then decided, why waste such a great trip?  So I hopped on Airbnb to see what places were around for rental for the night and expected to just party it up at the Chesapeake Inn.

To my unfortunate surprise, I did not find many places around within walking distance to the Chesapeake Inn.  Which is rather bizarre, cause people could make a great income from renting out rooms around the area.

A buddy of mine was supposed to show up and fish with me, unfortunately had car trouble and couldn’t make it.

So being out of luck with no place to stay or rent, I decided to make it into a day/evening trip and made my journey back home.

To all my readers and avid fishermen as well as binge drinkers and partiers.  This is a great spot to fish, drink, boat, and just simply be merry.  It’s a must-do experience and I highly recommend it.

If you’re local to me or are visiting.  Hit me up to go.  I’ll never say no to fishing or having a great time.  Just don’t be psyco and we can make some memories and have a great time.  Till then,  FISH ON!!

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