Coronavirus and how to stay alert

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

What is a coronavirus?

A Coronavirus is a virus that causes diseases in mammals and birds. An outbreak of coronavirus is usually lethal. Hence the type SARS, MERS, and the novel coronavirus are usually lethal. We’re talking about the virus that just spread across China. This has spread to many parts of the world, including my country Nepal. Here, officials have recorded so far two cases. To prevent this disease, there are no approved vaccines or drugs. Therefore, it seems it is very difficult to deal with this outbreak.

A little about how to cut your medical bills is here. I am not writing against China, or against anyone in the health industry in this post. I am also NOT going to the idea of this outbreak being biological weaponry released against China. Personally, I have no prior experiences being infected by pneumonia. My brother and my mom have had suffered from Pneumonia before and I can imagine the impact on life. You can read a little about Pneumonia here. It is a very common disease.

What’s the fuss?

Mosquitoes related deaths affect millions of people a year. No organization declares it as an emergency. Hence, it has become the norm for us. Mosquitoes actually do not kill people, but they transfer parasites that are significant to human health, for example, malaria.

People are actually dying from Coronavirus in China. Although this disease has spread across many countries in the world, my country has found 0 cases so far, up until today, 18.March,2020. We are still to see what’s next.

There is no need to panic.

Here are the basic things you can follow to at least not get infected soon.

  1. Always wear a mask. Viruses transmit through the air, mostly through saliva/mucus droplets when someone sneezes around you.
  2. Do not shake your hands with others, preferably wear a glove.
  3. Stay out of the cold and keep yourself warm! This is one of the best advices one could give. If you already have a respiratory condition, chances are that your body is not as healthy a healthy body would normal man has.
  4. Wash your hands after work, after you have reached home, or at work when you use public objects.

There is not much known about coronavirus. Hence, instead of panicking, why not start thinking critically, and try as many preventive measures as possible.






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