Creativity Unleashed



I grew up being able to always let my creative side always shine through.  I never had to stifle my creative energy. Being able to create my art, in its various forms was always a very large part of my life, it is my passion.  I had hoped as I grew older to make it a part of my career. Unfortunately, when the time came to go on to college my parents were unable to get approved for the funding to get me into the art school I was accepted to.  It was one of the more heartbreaking moments of my life. I linked a story here on how important the arts are to child development. Creativity is crucial to me.

As I grew older, I still incorporated art into my daily life.  Whether I used it in my job or as a creative outlet at home it was always a part of my life, creativity needed to channel in the right direction too.  In the majority of my job positions, I always found a way to incorporate it into my job. Even in little ways. Find small ways to incorporate art into your life here.

At one point I had my own side business where I was making and selling hand-painted wooden signs, handmade wreaths, and custom jewelry.  I also found another outlet for my art, as a manicurist. I never had done it professionally, even though I did go to cosmetology school.  But I did do it on the side and loved the way I could unleash my creativity with the small intricate designs I could create.  


My dream was always to turn my art into my full-time career.  But life stepped in, and in a series of utterly bad decisions on my part, my passion for art was shut down.  Not by me, but by others. It was too expensive, a waste of time, there were other things I should be doing.

I spend many years letting my artistic side slowly slide into the abyss.  But it’s a new day. As I have currently been making major life changes, this has been a huge one that is part of almost every part of my being.  As if someone reopened my eyes to the world, I started seeing the actual beauty of things again. Everything is vibrant and wonderful. Ok, it’s not all in reality, but that is the actual beauty of it.  I now know to appreciate the beauty of everything. For so long forgot to actually look at everything. To appreciate the magnificence of nature. I took a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Link here.  I hadn’t been there in years.  I felt uplifted.  It was so inspiring.

Art Supplies

Art supplies don’t come cheap as I have come to realize.  So I’m off to a slow start. But that’s OK. I have a pencil.  I have a sketchbook. That’s been getting me by, it doesn’t take much.  I will be thrilled the day I have canvas and paints and can get back to making actual paintings, but I will get there slowly, all things take time.  All those supplies I built up for years, will take a long time to rebuild. I’m ok with that. I still plan on making that goal of incorporating art into my career.  I will get there. 


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