Declaration of Grievances – 12 September 1791


So, now that you understand why there is such opposition to the tax in question, I can move on with describing the event that caused me to start this blog. 

A little over a month ago, on July 27, 1791, there was a meeting of all interested parties to discuss the Whiskey Tax. They decided that each of the four counties in Western Pennsylvania which opposed the tax should choose some people to be representatives at a later meeting regarding what should be done about the tax. 

A month later, on the 23rd of August, elections for these delegates were held. Those who were elected were in all generally in favor of aggressive action to get rid of the tax. The public sentiment here is certainly very opposed to the tax.

Now, from the 6th of September to the 9th, these delegates met at a place called “The Sign of The Green Tree Tavern” to discuss what was to be done regarding the tax. They made up a list of grievances and sent it as a letter, which is being circulated throughout all the towns around here. 

Another important incident which I will relate here is the tar-and-feathering of a man by the name of Robert Johnson. He is responsible for enforcing the tax in two of the counties which have sent delegates. On September 6, while he was going on a walk, he was set upon by a small mob, led by a certain Daniel Hamilton. This is the first act of violence I have heard about regarding this tax, and it may not be the last. Whenever the level of escalation increases with regards to this tax, I will record them in this blog.


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