Emperor’s without clothes?


Government comes from the term govern. From Old French governer, derived from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern”, which is derived from the Greek kybernan (to pilot a ship).

The above paragraph makes it clear, that the definition of government roots back to something that leads a system, or from the Greek kybernan, which means to pilot a ship. I wonder if everyone in the deck tried to pilot the ship, now imagine that! In many scenarios, some leaders are absolutely necessary, like in a surgery room, there can’t be 50 doctors operating on a single surgery, they’ll probably kill the patient if so. Similarly, in a classroom, you can’t expect 10 teachers to teach the class at once! You know what I meant. Some things are better left centralized to a great deal, BUT not everything should be centralized.

Modern governments are bodies that control, regulate, and make policies and help a certain region, or a country prosper, or make it safe enough for people to live a good life. There’s no other purpose of government, they are made on a social consensus that is supposed to be serving for the best interests of the society and also keeps a good relation to other parts of the world. If the governments were “angels” or “gods” or the fairest of all fairies, we would not probably have to worry about anything, but we make our own governments, we choose humans, people, to make decisions for us, and in many cases, the people we chose might choose machines to help them make decisions for them.

The sickness to search for options to blame others because one does not bother to learn things or inquire comes in many forms, one might argue, “if I lost my money, or someone loses my money, where do I get it back?”

The power of crowds can take over, only if the power of the crowd is maintained by an automated system so that nobody can change the authenticity of a transaction.

If you think banks and banking have accountability, consider banks that have laundered billions of dollars over the years. They might have a license backed by a supervisory oversight, but the supervisory oversight is flawed. Printing more money in crisis and bailing out banks is not the supervisory oversight we need, or do you want your future generations to pay for your extravagance? They have proven that they are no more accountable. Sorry.

Young money is not trying to change the banking system, but they are trying to overthrow them. Self-regulatory systems are all I can think of. When a government is corrupt, the national bank is compromised. There’s no more hope.

There’s only one thing, decentralization and distributed systems offer a great deal of flexibility and freedom, and also address a lot of flaws in the current banking system.

You just need to stay alert and take the responsibility of your life and do not blame others for your ignorance or stupidity, well, stupid is as stupid does, said Forrest Gump.


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