Fishing in Long Beach Island New Jersey on the Atlantic Ocean

Fishing on the Atlantic Ocean
Bluefish fishing on the Atlantic Ocean

Who wants to go fishing on Saturday?   That’s what I saw on a Wednesday evening on a Facebook post.  A friend of mine was searching for someone to keep him company on a fishing trip.  I’m not quite sure why.  Most fishermen fish for not only the sport but the peace and tranquility of the sport.  At least I know I do on many occasions.

I responded to the post by saying, ” Where are we going “?  A day later I got the response, ” Hemant, you’re in”!  YAY!  As I’ve never fished Long Beach Island ( L.B.I. ) before.  This was going to be a journey.  Another memory and definitely more photos.  Perhaps a fish or two.

Our journey started early in the morning.  Much earlier for me, as I needed to arrive at the “Lil Hugly” at 3:30 AM and was an hour drive from the location.   Approximately in Collingdale Pa.  After a long night of working and finishing around 12:00 AM, I set my alarm clock and took what we call a power nap.  Haven gotten about 1 hour of solid sleep, my alarm went off next to my ear.  Didn’t I JUST get to sleep?  I thought to myself.  Or did I sleep at all?  So I started my journey at around 2:30 AM.  Dressing in layers and layers of clothing.  It was a chilly October morning here in Eastern Pennslyvania in Thorndale Pa.

What do I need to bring for the trip, I asked my buddy.  Nothing he replied.  Just bring yourself and maybe a bite to eat on the boat if you get hungry.  So I was off on the road driving through West Chester Pennslyvania on a new journey.  Man, I love fishing!  However, I never expected to see what I saw.

With only an hour of sleep.  I wasn’t tired at all.  Surprisingly, the adrenalin was pumping.  Perhaps?

Making my pit stops on the route at a local Wawa for some gasoline and food, I’m off.

Upon arriving, the boat is already hitched, and Paul outside waiting.  I was late, arriving at 3:45 AM and not the appointed time of 3:30 AM.  Any fisherman will tell you.  Fishing does not wait for ANYONE.  However, he was kind enough to begin preparing for my arrival and we were on the road rather fast.

The eastern part of Pennsylvania isn’t far from New Jersey, we were in the state within minutes after making yet another stop for some gasoline and coffee.

Upon arrival, WOW!  I’ve never seen a beach town like this before.  It was GORGEOUS.  When we arrived, we made yet another pitstop at a Fish and Tackle shop to pick up some supplies and bait.  The shop had that distinct smell of fish.  Man I can’t get enough of that smell, saltwater, and fish with a tint of squid.  ( It’s an acquired taste )

What I enjoy about fishing with my buddy is, he teaches me.  Most of my life has been fishing freshwater and here I am venturing out 5 miles into the Atlantic Ocean.  Knowledge is Key!  You certainly do need to know what to do in case of emergencies and this man knows what to do.  He’s teaching me ” How to fish “, as funny as that sounds.  Remember, ALWAYS trust your captain, if you don’t, then you’re on the wrong boat.

We FINALLY arrived at our destination around 5:30 AM.  The Launch site.  Now during peak season, there is a fee to use this site to launch one’s boat.  Luckily the captain had it covered and knew the ins and outs.  We didn’t need to pay any money to launch.  Stepping outside the vehicle and onto the docks.  That fresh breath of air.  It was surreal.  Absolutely beautiful.  I was ready.

We packed everything into the boat we needed and were off on another journey to last millennials.  Not the actual Millennials or Gen Z, they just don’t understand.  Or at least yet.

I must have asked the dumbest questions at times and some challenging ones.  While Paul, answered questions of survival on the sea, I did the same on technology.  It was a learned experience.

While we caught only ONE baby bluefish.  We didn’t go home skunked.  We enjoyed the sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean and saw Atlantic City miles away from the Ocean.  ( A view I’ve never experienced before )  There was much of history to be shown as well.  The Captain educated me on some of the Islands, the History of some of the houses and Fish Mills during WWII.  It was true.

From a fishing perspective.  We didn’t bring in a fish the size of ” Old man and the Sea “, but an everlasting memory none the less.

For booking my Captain, Contact ( Insert ).  Lil Hugy is a tiny boat, so keep your heart big and always remember to trust yours, Captain.  We’ll reel in that 300 pounds Bluefin Tuna one day.  That’s a promise.

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Also to book personal tours, Contact Paul Gantz @ Mullet Outdoor Adventures On Facebook.



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