Flat Earth Challenge!

Flat Earth Challenge
Flat Earth Challenge



I guess I am finally throwing in my thoughts now that the Flat Earth stuff is waning.  What follows is only a suggestion to put some conjecture to the test to see who is correct!

One of the things I often found lacking from what little discourse on the Flat Earth topic that I have seen is the discussion regarding coordinate systems basically.  For any student of physics knows there are basically three main coordinate systems in use to describe most physical phenomena.   In a way, it could be said that this topic is a question of what coordinate system is correct or do we really live in?


If the Flat Earth crowd is correct we live in a Cartesian coordinate system and we should expect things to behave accordingly.  If the globalist crowd(I jest!) is correct we live on a spherical coordinate system where things will behave according to those coordinates and dynamics.  So what is a simple way to test this and perhaps settle the argument to some real merit or degree?


Believe it or not, it is simpler to settle this ‘debate’ than what one might conclude on the surface.  You don’t need to do something more than finding a relatively level field and a means of catapulting some sort of heavy projectile sufficiently high in the air.   If you manage to set up things correctly so that you can get that projectile going straight up then by Newtonian or Classical mechanics, which apparently has a pretty good track record, we will be able to reasonably predict where the projectile will land.

We only have those two coordinate systems to work with and the one that corresponds sufficiently with what is in observation repeatedly will be the correct description.  The question of the projectile going sufficiently high and where will it land remains different in either coordinate system.  This is what will be predicted accordingly:


If indeed it is a Flat Earth and we live in what one calls it as a Cartesian Universe then what goes straight up will come straight back down as predicted by all those equations and the Cartesian coordinate system.  We can make sure weather and other such variables will not affect the trajectory of the projectile too much but those are minor details.  Suffice it to say the projectile should land back to its launchpad.

If we are indeed on a globe then that does change things and will cause the projectile to land somewhere else besides the launching point.

Without too many of the gory details, the projectile will land somewhere just about due West of that launching point depending on how high it goes and how correct my lousy writing gets it!

To go through those calculations really isn’t much but if you are not up to speed it may very well be a bit much. Of course all the theory, proof, and math that you want are in good reference to get you going in the right direction.  The real pudding is in the empirical proof and this is something that could certainly settle this debate IMHO!


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