Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! Meagan here, but you can call me Fidget!  Okay so 2021 is first year of USA having  a new president! I could talk about my feelings on this, but I wont, not yet. except that there are a lot who are complaining and very few who are not. lets just say that in less than a week, our new president has managed to cause some ruckus , that have US citizens, wanting to pull out their hair and bite their nails! well when you endorse someone who you think will do better than the former President or because you didn’t like the former president, and the thanks you get is you loosing your job, and all the stuff that the former president has done to try and keep everyone happy by actually making new jobs and making sure you had a job is now going  two steps back? makes you think if you chose the right guy now huh?  Some are saying that our new ” so called president” is  feeling like he has to do a lot of  this wreckage  as fast as he can so the new VP who is  Americas First Vice President that is a lady, ( yet she can’t claim that title because she and the POTUS  have chose not to recognize male or female gender during their time in the white house.) ironic huh?  well enough about that, lets talk about 2020, 2020 was 0ne Crazy year! a year full of things that had to be canceled due to a tiny germ/virus  called Covid-19 aka Coronavirus. something some people are still calling a bit on the political side! yet the virus is real, leave it to the crazy left side congress 45th president haters to say what was alright to do and not do during the year 2020 pandemic  ( which some believe is still in session…. Goodness I hope not)  as well as leave it to those same politicians to say what was alright to go to and what was not, and everything else in-between! one day you are having to wear masks everywhere because it was mandatory next it was optional! ( then back to mandatory and back to optional! ) not to mention you didn’t have to wear a mask as long as you were staying 6 feet within others  or outside, yet you had to wear one inside different places like sit down restaurants, that is until you got to your table…. uhm makes no sense whatsoever! …. also what made no sense, was you were only allowed up to 40 t0 50 max in some places, yet when it came to “peaceful protests ” aka riots then go ahead have more than that to those! the whole thing was flip flop crazy! then they went to say flu was almost to non excitant due to masks being worn and things were being fallowed, yet the cases of covid – 19 was still sky rocketing because things were not being followed and not everyone was wearing masks! uhm hello? if you had the flu and it indeed was the flu, they were not labeling it as such!  they were instead labeling it as covid – 19! no matter what! again made no sense! but whatever! enough about this, subject now, and on to the next one which is though 2020 was one crazy year, as long as you didn’t focus on the bad and or the things around you and only focused on your own little world the ups and downs weren’t that bad! not for me anyway despite having to say good bye to my Granddaddy Beck and then my Grandma Cato,  and finding out some family events had to be canceled, I still had a good year, and  got to enjoy more of the smaller stuff! I am still not sure on 2021, but then 2021 has just begun, so lets give it a few months and I will then let you know. so far January of 2021 has been kinda crazy! I’ll come back to this blog in February and give my thoughts on February. one happy thing in January was birthdays of loved ones, and the fact that My husband and I finally found our new Sunday School class to attend when and while at our new Church home!


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