How to become an Established Writer?



As 2020 came in we saw an increase in writer accounts on the popular social media app- Instagram.

However, though most of those accounts had the ‘writer’ tag on it, are they really ‘writers’?

They don’t really seem to be like them, especially when you spot grammar mistakes and lack of good vocabulary in their writings.

Here are a few tips and tricks that may help you to become a well established writer/poet on social media:


1.     Know your strength.

It is very important to know what exactly you want to do. For example; imagine going to the kitchen and not knowing what you want to cook. That’s the same that most people face when it comes to writing. What do you like to write? Is it Poetry? Is it Stories?

If yes, then which genre do you prefer?

2.     Check your grammar.

It is very important to get your grammar checked. Grammar screams the first impression you want your readers to have after they’ve read your work. Here are a few tips to improve your grammar.

1)    pick a grammar topic (e.g.: reported speech)

2)    Google it up.

3)    Read 10 examples daily.

Let them soak into your mind before you actually start using them in your work.

3.     Learn new words.

Having an updated dictionary in your mind is a must. Though the few simple words that you usually use can still touch somebody’s heart, it will be helpful to use a few sophisticated words as well.

If you are having a page on Instagram, you can follow a few hash tags such as #aestheticwords and #newwords.

4.     Make use of complex sentences

Try and stop the usage of short forms. Speak and text in a formal manner.

For e.g.: WRONG- “I should have told him that I’m sorry”

                CORRECT- “I should have apologized to him.”

5.     Be humble and kind to your readers.

Your readers might criticize or appreciate your work. Either ways, be kind.

6.     Appreciate fellow writers.

It is always good to appreciate fellow writers and give them some genuine support. We all know the kind of pain that a writer goes through. Let’s try and understand each other. Give them your feedbacks on their work and request them to do the same for you.

7.     Follow supportive pages.

There are many pages that support budding writers all across the globe. And one budding page is @lafazandaz. You can check them out on Instagram. They also have an app. You can find the link via their page on Instagram.


I hope this has helped you. Do tell me if you’ll be using any of these tips to enhance/improve your writing. You can find me on Instagram as @clouds.and.daisies.

Keep writing. Keep shining.  


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