How to create a secret Ethereum Secret that nobody can figure out!

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Wondering how to create a secret Ethereum secret Address to store your precious Ether? You may call it a wallet as the private keys lets you access the Ether on the blockchain. The wallet is there in the blockchain. The “wallet” that apps claim to be are applications that help you manage your keys and act as interface to the blockchain. So, when I say a secret/wallet in this article, it is not the app unless otherwise mentioned.

There are many apps available that call themselves “wallets” because they help you store your Cryptocurrency secrets, like your mnemonics, or your private keys. Do you trust them with your heart? Imagine you are making a deal with someone who is paying you in Ether, and the amount is more than 10k USD or 100k USD for instance. Which wallet would you trust? I would trust Pillar Wallet (which is basically an application) if I were an absolute beginner and were very conscious about my privacy, check them out, and wait they are not just going to be a wallet, they’re going to be more.

For people who want to hold Ethereum tokens, here are your requirements and concerns :

  1. You don’t want to store a lot of money in a single wallet (app) that you do not trust. Most wallets applications store the data in their servers. Pillar Wallet is the only wallet application known to me which stores the keys on your device , encrypted.
  2. You don’t want to create wallets online because you know some security stuffs or at least heard of them that anything which is online is/can be potentially compromised. Honestly, I use pillar wallet because the wallet holds just more than Ether, it holds more tokens.

I have a solution for you that you will love if you just want a secure ethereum wallet generation manually. You do not need any coding or any super computer skills to do it, I have it done for you, and it is open source, and released with a MIT-License which allows you to do whatever you want to do with the code, modify it, sell it, whatever.

From the above picture, one can see how the public address, private key and the mnemonic looks like. Actually, you could recover the private key from the Mnemonic phrase. The Mnemonic helps you recover your secrets/wallet. This means, you could remember the mnemonic by heart, and that’s it , you don’t have to remember your public address or the private key to recover your wallet. You could also write the mnemonic on a paper and store it somewhere safe, or online in an unreadable way! If you stored a scrambled Mnemonic, to reach the correct Mnemonic, you have to figure out the exact order of the words. Remember that each position in the 12 words phrase has 12 possibilities. That would be 8,916,100,448,256 combinations (~9 trillion), with repetitions, but we know that the words do not repeat, so mathematically speaking, there are 12*11*10*9….3*2*1 combinations, i.e 5,748,019,200 which is still 5 billion even if you had the scrambled mnemonic. So, do not consider storing a scrambled mnemonic if you do not build a rule to figure out its order.

Why should you trust my code?

  1. It is open source
  2. It is completely based on Etherjs, which is a Javascript implementation of the Ethereum Wallet
  3. It can be run offline and hence your keys are securely generated
  4. You can also modify the code to fit your taste if you know some javascript

The source code is here,


How to set up? Download these two files and put inside a folder. Copy these folders to a brand new computer, and then open the createWallet.html on your browser ( remember, this works on offline mode, so please do not bother connecting your computer to the internet, it is not required or recommended).

You can also create wallets on a fresh Raspberry Pi Machine.

Please feel free to ask questions.

P.S Pillar wallet is going to be a data locker in future, and it is not just a wallet. My tutorials lets you create unlimited ethereum secrets/wallets but with pillar wallet, you will be able to create multiple personas(wallets) inside a single wallet later when the wallet keeps on progressing in its development. It already offers an in-app exchange, and chat features. The chat is based on signal protocol, hence it is completely secured with end-to-end encryption. It is also open source. Please do not forget to check it out

Please note that a wallet application is not the native wallet by itself, but it helps you manage your keys. A wallet is an address in the blockchain that you can control with your private keys.


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