Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Ajay Suri Photography

I’ve always been an animal lover, especially tigers.  Since I was a child, I loved wildlife.  We’d walk around in the local creeks here in Downingtown, Pa. and catch crayfish, Salamanders, Frogs, Grasshoppers, bugs, Praying Mantis ( No it’s not illegal to kill them ), capturing Garter Snakes, water snakes, Rattle Snakes ( In the mountains ), water Ajay Suri Photographymoccasins ( aka Cottonmouth ) and copperheads.  Yes, you heard that right, I’ve caught them snakes personally.  Although many wouldn’t admit that Moccasins or Copperheads are in this area because they haven’t seen them, oh you have nooo idea.  They are here and they are staying.

The local Fish and Game Commission told me to kill them, invaders.  Yes, I was a kid and that was many years ago.  They probably wouldn’t admit it or remember that conversation for that matter.  But I remember it well.

We were at the local fish hatchery and we saw one.  I can never forget that moment as the officer grabbed that sucker by his tail as he tried to slither away and literally needed two hands.  That snake was HUGE and it was a copperhead none the less.

However, although I have so many other stories about my Pet snakes that I kept, almost non-existent in the wild here, this blog isn’t about the local wildlife.

This blog is about a person I met and we shared a love of wildlife and I’m extremely jealous.

Elephant Corbett Park IndiaWe do not have Tigers, roaming around our world here in the USA.  We have plentiful wildlife here, but why does the heart crave things that simply aren’t around?

I’ve lived by the Statue of Liberty for years and have yet to step foot inside it, yet going to the Taj Mahal, they asked the same question.  ” Why do you wanna see the Taj Mahal man? ”  Simplest answer?  Well I can’t do it as a day trip.  I can go and see the Statue of Liberty as a day trip, I can’t come to India every other week.

Anyhow returning back to this individual.  It turns out he is my cousin and owner of Tigers and Beyond.  He captures photos of wildlife within India and WOW some of these images are gorgeous along with the images of local birds called Barbacks.  Oh and by the way I do love Bars. lol.Black Bucks Rajasthan Ajay Suri Corbett Park

This entire year has been a challenge with Covid-19.  So many trips I had planned.  Was gonna go to Puerto Rico, Miami, Texas, then back to India in September.  As you can see I’m just venting as it’s already September and non of those trips have come true.  Most importantly I was looking forward to visiting family and the promise to take me on a tiger safari in India at Corbett park and Corbet Park Tiger reserve.  Oh how I promise we’re gonna make that happen one day.Tiger Reserve Corbett Park

This trip was very special to me, I met nephews I didn’t know I even had and boy were those kids amazing.  We had an absolutely great time.  Don’t tell their father, my cousin, we partied our asses off.  However, I think he already knows.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to snitch out those amazing kids, it’s more to make a memory of family and just to let them know I had an amazingly great time and I can’t wait to make more memories with them.

If you’re reading this Mr. Ajay Suri, I am so looking forward to making more memories with you.  The family that I absolutely love and adore.

Until next time my friend.  Also, I love fishing, so perhaps, we can plan a fishing trip when we’re there?  lol….

P.S. Definitely check out Tigers and Beyond.  All the above images are from them.





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