Meeting with Fred Stluka, CEO of Software inc.

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Bristle Software thrills its customers via the rapid development of quality software to solve real-world business problems.

Meeting with Fred Stluka

A while back, on my search for Blockchain groups locally, I stumbled upon a group locally on Meetup.  It was either find a group to join, or start my own for like-minded individuals within a career path of Technology and Blockchain.  That was where I met Fred from

So I signed up to see what all the fuss was about.  The group meets 1 Wednesday out of the month, every month, in Exton, Pa., but it depends on how many attendees will be there.

My first attempt to attend, no one was there.  I walked around the UNO’s restaurant multiple times with no avail.  Asked Staff if a group was meeting and they said yes a few were here however are now gone.  So I made my journey back home, determined to attend the next one as well.

Another month passed by and then the invite emails showed up in my email.  Hey, there’s another meetup for a local blockchain group.  I was off to get there a bit early this time around.

This time, the attendees were still there, and I happened to know a few friends from the 6 degrees of separation theory, of the coordinator.  What a small world?

We ordered food and a few drinks and were off to discuss blockchain and future of.  Integration into existing infrastructure and transition of into new.  Great conversations to say non the least.

One individual I had the pleasure to meet was Fred Stluka from Bristle Software Inc.  He’s the founder of ( Great domain name I thought ) and an avid Blockchain enthusiast.

We shared many technology stories and theories.  Later Fred invited me out to lunch as he’s also a career coach and gifted writer as well as loves to share his career advice and experiences with others.

We scheduled a day to meet and have lunch.

I arrived a bit early to a local Pizza Shop in Frazer, Pa. and grabbed us a table, which we later changed so we could have a conversation.  While I only expected to have a conversation, this man was a professional and literally began taking notes, had his laptop out, writing down meeting minutes.  I was not expecting that.

We discussed many things including emerging technologies, legacy systems as well as interviewing tools, techniques for jobs and my previous experience building  C2C projects were also amongst the topic of conversation.

He explained, he’s now retired, and likes to help like-minded people with their careers.  He shared articles upon articles, upon articles of success stories, projects, finding the right job, as well as the art of negotiation.  He’s a very learned and wise man I thought to myself.

After about 2 -3 hours, we parted ways and he said, ” I’m going to recommend you for a job at one of my previous clients “.

Many people say they’re going to help, but very rarely follow thru.  However I got a very good gut feeling, Fred’s a very genuine man.  That feeling came thru, I received an email from him while CCing another on a recommendation for a role.  WoW.  Thanks, Fred, I really appreciate that.

He carefully composed a letter of recommendation while still continuing to coach me.  This is a very kind man and below are his kind words about me from our brief encounter together.


Hemant Kohli might make an ideal Gxxxxxx consultant.  I met him
recently at a meetup about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.

He’s a very interesting mix of knowledgeable IT guy, very fast learner,
and entrepreneur.  I think he’d be bored to tears as an employee of a
large stodgy company year after year.  But he might make an ideal
consultant who gets called in to assess and fix a difficult situation.

He’d quickly learn what was going on, what technologies were being
used and how, what problems were occurring, etc.  He’d also dare to
ask the hard questions about why certain technologies were adopted
when others might be a better fit.  And most importantly, he’d be very
focused on the business value of doing things, daring to ask whether
they were worth doing, or whether an entirely different approach
might make more business sense.

Sounds like a rabble-rouser, eh?  A malcontent?  A misfit?  Not at
all!  He’s very polite, soft-spoken, but worth listening to, insistent
only when necessary to provide value.

I think he’d fit well into an existing team, getting his part done,
mentoring the people around him, teaching and learning from
them, etc.  He seems to have been loved by his university
professors and recruited into various consulting positions by
them.  He’s even been an adjunct professor himself, and I’m sure
his students loved him.

He reminds me a lot of Dxxxx Bxxxxxxx, and of myself.  So, he could
turn out to be a real superstar for Genesis.

Hemant has done a lot of different kinds of work.  An amazing variety
for such a young guy (41 years old).  He has jumped into a bunch of new
things, learned new technologies, started his own companies, traveled
the world to find suppliers, etc.

See his resume at:

Fred –




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