My journey from an amateur to a freelancer via Udacity


Whether you are thinking to work in a governmental job or for a private company, both experience hard times, bullying, or financial problems that put them under stress at some point in life.

The situation is that I had graduated from the faculty of science. I worked hard to get my master’s degree while working a side job. After that, I got a job as an employee in a governmental institution with a low salary, no good promotion, or great challenges. Things became harder here after the floating foreign currencies that led to a high cost of living and an increase in financial burdens.

After the Corona pandemic, things got worse, many people lost their jobs, and the concept of work from home became more prevalent. It has shown to be a safer and more guaranteed option.

It is important to know what I already have and what worth having in this contest. I asked myself for how long should I live in this dilemma and suffer steadily? what should I do to fix things?

Then I was browsing Facebook and I came through the FWD scholarship at Udacity. Something let up in my mind and I decided it’s time to change this routine and promote my life, to learn new things and face new challenges, and to get a job that provokes me to turn this potential energy into action without the need to leave my current job or allocate a lot of time. I joined the course and expect to get my first gig soon. One hour daily is enough to rise.

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