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Optimized SEO Architecture

Optimized SEO Architecture For Null Worries and Remarkable Performance.

The ever-changing optimized architecture and regulations frequent unplanned audits in the hosting industry leave various resource-challenged companies at risk of attacks. To realize and maintain regulatory compliance it should always an ongoing process. Several hosting companies will use different methods to boast of their facilities, however, only a few can match Zosting.com’s hosting architectural compliance.

Sophisticated and handled by a team of industry experts, our cloud architecture gives you robust security, reliability, high-performance data relay and efficient file storage space. For both dynamic and static contents and applications, our architectural design will support your site effectively and enable you to deliver excellently for either HTTPS or HTTP.

Zosting SEO Web Hosting It begins from within.

Beginning with our data centers all the way to the applications layer any business that employs our infrastructure is guaranteed of around the clock protection against downtime, slow server responsiveness, and cyber threats. We operate 3 states of the art data centers that are strategically located across North America.

Each data center has its own team of ITIL certified environment that is developed to offer excellent cloud solutions to the international and domestic market. Zosting.com’s data centers comply with tier 4 architectural requirements for critical cooling and power system. They all have climate controls that are fault-tolerant, industrial-grade backup generators, and cutting-edge technology in power distribution and UPS systems. Our data centers’ physical security is beefed up with biometric systems, video surveillance, 24/7 on-premise security personnel and 3-layer of Network Operations Center monitoring.

Our firewall technology is greatly optimized to examine each network packet before allowing it to reach its destination. If found malicious it is prohibited and reported for further analysis. With Zosting.com’s packet filtering you are fully protected against any unwanted connection to your website. However, it is unrealistic for any web host to boast that its system does not need any regular updates.

As such at zosting.com we are always boosting our firewall technologies so as to ensure that we eliminate the simplest threat from your connection. During our scheduled maintenance our redundant servers and load balancing platforms ensure that your business online availability or performance is not impacted.

Our Network Operations Centre is equally the best in response. Our experts monitor each of our data centers, to ensure connectivity continuous high speed and security. They are extremely vigilant to regulate every aspect of our client’s environments. They focus on the following;

  1. Redundant servers and load balancing; this ensures there is a seamless connection even if a router or high-level network appliance goes down. With us, there is no service loss.
  2. Speed and performance of our network routes – after every instance of analysis, they optimize where necessary.
  3. Traffic re-routing- our experts have created multiple cross-connects among the data centers to ensure that when any multi-gigabit connection is unavailable, traffic automatically shifts to the available connection.

Our technological design offers the best in file storage and backup. Our managed storage solution provides the availability and redundancy capabilities that your business or organization requires to maximize security for the critical data assets. Our system customizes the managed storage with your hosted plan to provide reliable business continuity in the event of a system failure.

Zosting.com uses the latest disk-based technology to extract data from the data center, or even the business’s on the premises environment, to another Zosting.com’s data center for backup. Any critical information is always available even in the event a system disaster.

Our revolutionary architecture exceeds industry standards and expectations. Take advantage of this awesome platform for as low as $2 per month.

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