ICT integration in teaching 2D shapes
The use of ICT in classroom has eminence benefits in teaching and learning process, ICT was commonly used nowadays in the classrooms of the developed countries. With the rising economy, people’s needs are constantly changing, searching for what is the best for them and those around them. Certainly, all this has a great impact on the educational field. Our entire learners were digital native and they are bounded with latest technologies at home. So, as our learners change, teaching styles should also change in order to match these needs and improve people’s lives through education. The traditional teaching style is no more going to impact and motivate the students.
In this lesson I have prepared short video lesson on the topic 2D shapes I informed them to watch the video lesson and learn the names of 2 D shapes. After that they were asked to make and send video clip of their children for assessment and I found that all the students understood the concept. I also informed them to draw and write the names of 2D shapes in their note book.
I conclude that by integrating ICT in our lesson children really learn with lots of interest. By using ICT we can make learning happen in a context which makes sense to them. So, instead of teaching everyday by using chalk and chalkboard, sometimes it is lively both for teachers and students to teach through ICT.


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