Secrecy and Cryptography

A series by Satish Luintel

I have been to a secret meeting. If you do not recall any secrecy, maybe you remember your friends whispering something in your ears when you were a kid. Today, data secrecy is hard to maintain without cryptography. Even in your own room, you never know if someone is listening to your keystrokes. Secrecy is not much of a concern to many people when it comes to their usual data.

What is Privacy?

Privacy is a privilege and human need I believe. Here is a little definition from Wiki. Not everyone enjoys a high level of privacy in the world. Make sure you read about my other post to get a little idea of cybersecurity.

To keep our data a secret, we need to follow only one protocol, and that is to hide the data! Encryption is all about hiding information in some ways. Hiding doesn’t always have to be a physical phenomenon. I can hide my information in such a way, even if I presented my scrambled information to you, you would not be able to extract any information out of it unless you know exactly how the information was scrambled in the first place. We do this by encryption tools and methods.

Why does privacy matter?

Privacy matters because you don’t want your personal stuff to be known to the public in any way! You do not want your financial data in a newspaper, or on the dark web. Unfortunately, you will find many such cases in the past where you can find user-data lurking in the dark web, exposed by hackers and cyber-criminals. I have been to some of the onion links to see what’s inside and have found a great deal of information on people I do not know of. I personally would not want my personal data in public knowledge because your data is your property, and only with your consent someone should use it! This is not happening in reality.

How do you protect your data online?

I’m talking about online data protection because it is quite customary to protect things offline. For example, if you want to protect the document of your parent’s will, you might want to consider keeping them somewhere safe, like a physical data locker. What do you do with digital data? It is although possible to get a printed format of your digital data and then save it on a paper but it does not make sense and it is also not practical if you want to save some data as big as 12 Gigabytes of text file! To protect my data online, I’d encrypt and save it somewhere on the web and download my data and decrypt it whenever I need it. A necessary condition that you should remember is, you should not forget your ‘keys’ or ‘password’. I’ll discuss my upcoming essays on how to work with encryption tools and methods to secure your data! Yes, it will be fun.

Cryptography Series

One of the main motivations to start this series is because of my passion for technology and making use of technology to make people’s lives healthier, safer and productive. I believe that is the aim of technology. Cryptography is what protects your banks, your online communication or your data if you choose to. This series will be helpful to beginners who want to start a practical career in encryption technologies. I also have a private Telegram group for Cryptography if anyone wants to join in. Please reach me out at my telegram handle at, @satishluintel




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