Sex Is Art


Sex Is Art

Sex is art, prove me wrong. Sex is a form of communication without words. It’s body language, it’s the touching, the kisses, the biting, the way you both breath. Sex is something so simple yet complicated. In order to please your partner you need to know what they like, you need to be passionate in the moment but also careful not to miss any important steps. Wanna get in shape? Sex it up. You’ll burn them calories like no other. But make sure you’re pumped prior. Because art takes time, patience, and a whole load of work.

Of course you might say something like well not everyone knows how to paint and quickies or just hookups without chem is a thing. Yes, I’ll give you that. That is in fact a relative statement. However, just like not everyone knows how to draw or paint, not everyone knows the very few basic steps in order to please a significant. It is an art to master, if that’s a subject you care to be involved with.

I think what defines sex isn’t the sensations it brings with it. But the deeper connection you receive by being so intimate with a person. You build a bond whether you realize it or not. You establish something deeper then just an emotional, mental, or physical attachment. You break the bonds of a spiritual attachment. You come so close to another person’s body, and the closest you can to their existence. During your foreplay and exchange of “talent” if you will, we often miss the very big detail in this big piece. We miss the next step that ties one down to someone, their soul. Our souls get very close during a round of very passionate painting. Hence the occasional heartbreak. Sometimes that one hookup you had unintentionally, haunts you. Maybe it was because it was so good, maybe it was because it was absolutely your worst experience. Though we will focus more on what we felt or didn’t feel, it’s still very much tied to our soul exchange in connection.

Now, you might be sitting and thinking “Okay but how is sex art? That does not sound very artistic.” Say less, let’s dive into it.

How do you embrace your partner? How do the kisses begin? Do you carefully mark them or in ways one would think they’ve been brutally abused? Does your partner praise you during and afterward? Or do they simply let you get your inspiration out and then go on with their day without showing you signs of affection? Do they find interest in your artistic side or would they rather “do something else” then spend time with you in the bedroom? Do you leave your clients happy? Do they come back? Have you ever received a spontaneous flashback from one of your partners, so they decided to remind you of how good your skills are or have gotten? Remember, practice is key. However, communication is the biggest key. If you don’t communicate with your client on what exactly they wanted their piece to look like, how can you be sure that your freestyle will satisfy their hunger?

Sex is a complicated art if you don’t have patience. Sometimes what you can freestyle in five minutes will satisfy one client. But another will require a solid forty-five minutes. And well my friend, if you don’t have the patience or time then don’t even pick up a paint brush to start with. You will ruin your reputation as well as the art. That is one shame I refuse to ever carry.

Some people just need more inspiration to get in the mood then others, but never belittle one for taking longer to warm up to the skill then other. If you are new to this artistic side, don’t be scared to communicate and ask questions. Questions play a huge role! If you don’t ask them, for all you know you’re abstracting in a calligraphy class. Trust your grade will disappoint you and leave the professor speechless, but not in a sexy way.

Some of the questions I actually received from some of my “partners” and friends were the following:

  1. What’s the sexiest thing to feel?
  2. Is moaning hot?
  3. How do you know you’re doing it right?
  4. What if it’s not what you expected?
  5. Is foreplay overrated?

Let’s get into it in the order listed. However, DISCLAIMER I’m only sharing from my personal opinion, not one that comes from studies. Well, if we’re not counting the personal studies that is.

1. What is the sexiest thing to feel? In my humble opinion, the sexiest thing to ever feel is wanted. Wanted in all the ways possible and feeling that desire burning through your partner’s veins. No one can resist a little wanting. But when it turns to a full on heated wanting, oh girl say less let’s go.

2. Is moaning hot? YES! Absolutely, if they’re not moaning you’re doing it wrong. However, let me side track a little and tell you a story…

One of my buddies was new to this delicate subject and his first masterpiece was a “screamer” not a moaner. Hope I don’t need to explain that. So they were having fun, getting into the mood, and when things started taking off she took the bull by the horns and apparently sang her anthem. Mind you, if you’re laughing like I was when I heard this story then give the boy some credit for at least finding the courage to finally deflower. However, her “anthem” was a big turn off and he put off the deflowering for awhile. Hence, why if you don’t exactly like surprises ask a few questions in advance. Though, somethings a little spontaneous outcome makes the rodeo a bit more brighter.

But yes, moaning is a big turn on and also a pretty solid indicator that whatever you’re working on you’re structure and positioning is on point, so keep it up.

3. How do you know you’re doing it right? With this question I like to ask a question in return first. Are they moaning? Not the fake moaning, which I know these babes master to get over with the ordeal. I mean when you look at your partner or playmate does their body language, eyes, face say they’d butcher faking it even if they tried? If the answer is yes, then you’re doing it right. If the answer is no, then definitely upgrade your skills, maybe do a little research first. If it’s a maybe/I don’t know, then maybe you should’ve waited a little longer before you decided to paint this subject without knowing more about it. However, if you’re like me and sometimes like a little mystery then confidence is key. If you can make them believe that you know what you’re doing, they’ll believe it too. Put those charm skills to work. Maybe joke a little and loosen them up, ask a few curvy questions that will give out their likes and interests without them knowing that you’re aiming exactly for that. Or be straight up, pause, and communicate before getting back into the mood. Unless you’re an awkward person, maybe then ask the questions in the time being but get to work the next time inspiration strikes.

4.What if it’s not what you expected? Dude say less, been there done that. However, I quickly learned that when you place expectations in place you’ll often be left disappointed. Not because your partner doesn’t own the skills, but simple because they’re not in your head and don’t know what you’re expecting. So instead of expecting something, just let it be. Go with the flow and if you feel the need to spice it up, spice it up. I’ve heard people say “well what if that makes them uncomfortable?” That is a relative point, however if they’re with you in this art class clearly they’ve found you worthy of it right? So then if your spices don’t match their cup of tea it’ll clear up. Don’t let that discourage or disappoint you though. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but the one worthy of your tea will def be one for memory lane. Be patient. Stay true to yourself. Be honest and open. But also don’t put pressure, so do it only if you really feel comfortable to spice it up. Otherwise, withhold for a little bit. There’s no shame in that.

But yes, my point still stands. Try not to place any expectations in your mind otherwise your road trip might feel like you busted a tire. Just let it unfold and enjoy it as it goes. A detour never really hurt nobody unless you’re on a time frame. So the first time, I would say make sure you’re not time crunched or that might bust your experience a little.

5. Is foreplay overrated? No. It is definitely not overrated. Of course it’s not everyone’s gist. But it is not overrated. If you’re like me, you might be a microwave. By that I mean once you get in the mood you’re straight up ready for action. Which if your preference is guys, then that’s how boys are. They don’t take long to get in the mood or to end it. I will get in the mood fast, but I also don’t like to end it fast just for the pleasure of dragging it and having a whole load of teasing in between. However, most girls are ovens. They need time to preheat in order to actually call it a “good time.” So mainly females enjoy foreplay more. Because it sets the mood and gets them a little more rowdy for the events to follow. I think foreplay is a tease. If it’s done right. It’s honestly a skill of it’s own to learn. It doesn’t take long to master once you get the basics down, however everyone is different and have their own kinks and likes. So ask your partner about it or just explore and observe their reaction. If they like it, it’ll show. If they don’t, it’ll totally show as well. But foreplay will definitely set the mood. So if you’re a pleaser/teaser, go with foreplay, will never fail you.

I know that some of us artists like to wing it and just see what happens. Sometimes we get surprised with the outcome because we’re winging it with a def wing-man/wing-woman. Or sometimes, we get our wings a little clipped and told that our partner/masterpiece needs a little bit of a runway first. So be respectful of that and don’t over step. If that’s what they request, FOREPLAY that runway!

Alright, well now that we settled that score and I don’t see much arguing about sex just being a procreation. Let’s leave it here and have another topic to cover tomorrow or next week. Time is of essence and well, life’s way to short to just sit and write without going out there and exploring. Therefore, I bid you a farewell, stay chillin’, be wild, vibe this beautiful life, and I’ll see you next time my babes.


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