Starting over again in IT after a 20 Year Absence

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In late 2000 I made the arduous decision to leave my IT job that I had loved so much but then it started to break me down.  I had the dreaded IT burnout as it was called.  I will never forget the day I left, the day I left the corporation that helped me grow into the professional I had become. Starting over has been difficult.

Thinking again

Sometimes I still wonder if I made the right decision. I was still quite young and accomplished quite a bit for my age.  By the time I was 23 I was assistant manager of the Information Technology Help Desk.  Quite a feat for a girl with no formal education in technology, and no college education.  I was always a fast learner.  Throw me into the fire, and I will do it.  Give me a puzzle and I will find a way to make it work.  I broke down every barrier that was put in front of me.  Then, something changed.  

I started to dread going into work every day.  I wasn’t sure why, but I hit a wall.  Someone had mentioned, “IT burnout”.  I looked further into it, and wow, it sure did fit.  There’s an article about it here.  See the company I was working for at the time, was a great company, but not fully focused on technology.  We weren’t a very large department.  The room for advancement was slim, and with only my knowledge from experience and not from formal education there wasn’t much room for me to expand. 


Now being as young as I was, I can’t say I always made the best decisions.  Should I have gone back to college at that point and continued down my path?  That would have been the smart thing, of course.  But in hindsight, I cannot change the course my life took.  And at this point, I don’t think I would change it.  I learned many things along this road, and have taken many paths.  I’ve become a Julie of all trades if you will.  

I have gone from Accounts Payable and Receivable to Veterinary Assisting.  So there has been quite a range.  Learning new techniques and tricks that can apply to everything in life along the way. 

Now it seems I am starting to come full circle.  I kind of fell into the position I am at now.  Not even looking for it. I noticed a job fair in Delaware after I moved there, and I was looking for an office job, as it was the only kind of job I was accustomed to.
opportunities do knock twice

I randomly started a conversation with a woman who didn’t have any openings that I was interested in, but she asked me if I had ever sold anything on eBay?  Well, yes I have!  That was one of my hobbies!  Well, the conversation flowed easily from there.  

There was an entire world of work in E-Commerce that I didn’t know existed.  Within 2 weeks I was working as an E-Commerce Lister.  E-Commerce definition found here.  I was so happy to have found something that brought me back into the realm of technology.   

Now from that, I am starting to find my drive again to keep learning.  There is so much I am now behind on.  So much to learn.  I still have that drive inside of me that was there when I was so young.  It just had become hidden for 20 years.  But I am back, and better than ever.


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