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“As long as your gold stays physically in your own property, you have it fully owned. Most gold is stored securely by a third party for you, and in effect is no more tangible than fiat currency. Governments under stress could legislate the ban to own, sales and trade of gold and impose fines or imprisonments if people do not comply. Gold as a store of value is largely a fiction hyped and promoted by gold-bugs, who benefit from fees for its trade and storage, but quite often own very little of the yellow metal themselves. ”

The statement above was made by a friend who is a seasoned entrepreneur. At the time of crisis, it is often causal to think of such a scenario where a government could just order its people to submit their gold to the government and receive a paper-notes as its representation. The government would then impose a gold-backed currency. The US Dollar was gold backed currency before 1971. In 1971, the US quit the gold standard, and one could not redeem gold against the US Dollars. If you notice the trends in the increase in gold prices after 1971, you will see that there is a gradual rise in its price since then.

It is 2019, now you do not need fiat or gold to make a transaction! A transaction is nothing more than a consensus between two or more parties, closed by a medium of exchange, like the dollar, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Enter the world of bitcoin, you could own a bitcoin and use it for transactions! If you do not know much about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, feel free to browse to my free ebook at , you can also find many free e-books on Computer Science.

A government which does not regulate itself, and uses every force in its disposition is no better than any dictatorial regime. You and I are pretty aware of such regimes in history. Name-calling them would only make some appear more or less worse than others, but they all fall under the same category of abusing a large mass of people and that is not cool.

A mad government is like a mad King-Kong. A mad government is the one,


The BBC reports , “Critics said people would be subject to arbitrary detention, unfair trial and torture under China’s judicial system.

The BBC also added, “Hong Kong has seen months of protests sparked by a highly controversial plan to allow extraditions to mainland China. The government had argued the proposed amendments would “plug the loopholes” so that the city would not be a safe haven for criminals.

It is always wise to hand over a person to the country’s government, where the person committed a serious crime. This is how the world of justice works if you killed dozens of people in the US and fled to Hong-Kong, the US government can pull you off Hong-Kong and make you face a trial and then run a case against you for your actions. It is not the case with every country.

The Extradition proposal came, as according to the BBC,
“The proposal came after a 19-year-old Hong Kong man allegedly murdered his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend while holidaying in Taiwan together in February 2018. The man fled Taiwan and returned to Hong Kong last year. Taiwanese officials sought help from Hong Kong authorities to extradite the man, but Hong Kong officials said they could not comply because of a lack of extradition agreement with Taiwan. But the Taiwanese government has said it would not seek to extradite the murder suspect under the proposed changes, and urged Hong Kong to handle the case separately.”

In such cases, it is extremely important to exercise such extradition rules. However, there are always two sides or many sides to an argument of such legislation. What if a bad government, that wants to pull off literally “anyone” from Hong-Kong for made-up charges and airy accusations, and hence this might put a lot of people’s lives at risk, lives of activists, social workers, journalists, etc.

In my opinion, it is good to handle things on a case-by-case basis, and no country should have the power to misuse the power of extradition and just detain anyone they like to, without any solid basis.

Why does a force have to wear “masks” and then beat people out in the open?


I have written many times about why bitcoin matters.

It matters because,


If you Google King-Kong, the first thing you get is this.

It was a click-bait to get you here, as Hong-Kong and King-Kong have something in common literally, and that’s “Kong”.

Wikipedia says,King Kong is a 2005 epic monster adventure film co-written, produced, and directed by Peter Jackson”.

I just want to use the words “monster” and “King-Kong” as a metaphor to relate it to unregulated tyrant governments that exist today.

Bitcoin is a proof-of-concept. It is not a silver bullet solution to your freedom, I take it as the beginning of a new era where you silently take control of the den of the King-Kong, the financial resources, and the mechanism. Once the bad actors are crippled out of the equation, there might be less chaos in the world. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the tools that might just make it up to their promises of decentralized trust and freedom someday. There are agents of King-Kong everywhere, they report the activities of people in your community to the den, then should the den feel like being provoked or intimidated, the den reacts, and often ends up in violence. I strongly believe, cryptocurrencies can change how the King-Kongs operate. Check this guy out for his insights on what a bitcoin is, and what does it already offers to the world.

Hong-Kong is one of the world’s powerhouses of business, and there are people living from all over the world. There are already some mining facilities in Hong Kong regarding Bitcoin, but not many people know about bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. One of my friends live in Hong-Kong, and he’s a businessman, but still has no time to learn this new way of exchanging good and services using cryptocurrencies. I have a meeting with him soon so that I can help him leverage the potential for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in his business process.

I am not against any government, I have no personal grudge against either the US Government, or the Chinese, or the Russians or my own government, because a government is not a single person, it is a collective noun for a tons of people and processes, and not everyone in the system is a bad actor by default. I believe, people in the government and the system think they are working for the government because they believe that is the way to serve the country for good, and it is one of the ways to serve your countrymen too, but it depends on what culture has been cultivated inside your government, and if you are a government employee, you should know your responsibilities and rights, and the grave consequences you might face for stabbing your people behind their back.

Today is 2019, and we are a global citizen, we are not just dependent on one country’s economy as one country’s activity affects the other’s economy, and hence we should be aware of what is going around us.


Imagine you own a den, and imagine yourself as the monster, like the King-Kong metaphor I used before. Imagine yourself as the monster who wants to rule the world some day, and enforce everything you want to, without the consent of any people, but from your den-members, or your disciples. You own a King-Kong gang that is building up, looking forward to screwing the world. You are also threatened now and then by the new kids on the block, Bitcoin. It is crippling you out of your usual resources. Now imagine, someone out in the world is about to expose you what happens inside your den, and your covert plans of taking over the world around you. Now you need a way to get that person inside your den and eat him alive. How do you do that? You can not go rogue, because you know there are other King-Kongs watching your every move and they might turn the tide against you in your plans. You have two options, either collaborate with other King-Kongs, or make your moves secretly. These two might help you, but if you make your moves out in the open, you are susceptible to public criticism and not just from your territory, but from around the world. You would need to enforce all the laws that help you catch such people who seem to be against you, or who make moves to expose you, and you need to eat them alive in your den. I understand your requirements, and your desperation to rule over the world, power must feel great, but remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Now, this is 2019, information propagated fast enough these days. We have seen how Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and many other whistle-blowers were chased. You as the King-Kong, your threat are these people. You need to make sure how to extract people like these from anywhere around the world, and you need to contact to other dens and meet other King-Kongs.

But see, not everyone in the world is a King-Kong.

Protecting potential whistle-blowers is a challenge. You never know who is behind what, and even Jail does not seem to be safe, when the suspect is about to leak information that could shake the system in ways we do not have any idea about.

Whistle-blowers like this man from my country need protection too! He has been around for years, I first watched his show in 2017 back when I was in Germany. He seems like a very honest Journalist, and has produced a lot of interests in people, and has exposed hundreds of bad-actors. In my country too, there are King-Kong gangs and you do not exactly know how and when do they operate.

Protecting whistle-blowers and keeping their lives safe is a public responsibility as they have stepped to come forward to show the world honest gratitude and gesture towards the truth.

How can bitcoin or other tools help in protecting people’s privacy and lives?

I do not know for sure, but I am confident the following points are valid.


Bitcoin helps by providing a means to transfer value without having to expose the personal details of someone. However, adoption is still a challenge to all of the cryptocurrency space. Telegram is launching its blockchain TON soon in a few months, let’s see how it turns out. Platforms like the signal, and Telegram provide a safer mode of communication, end-to-end encrypted messaging and calls. is a platform where you can call people without having to worry about your calls and messages being read in the middle, they are end-to-end encrypted. Using famous email platforms like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc for whistle-blowing purposes is a stupid thing to do as long as you do not have a proxy account that does not point to any person in the world. Search Engines like Google track everything, why not try a new one that does not keep track of anything, like duckduckgo. Check out the list of search engines.


I do not know who invented money. I do not know how it built a big thought-ceiling that most of the people including me can’t stop thinking about earning it, or spending it. There’s money in the equation in every corner of our lives.

Some facts about the money we use today,

There’s nothing bad if your government is printing money, somebody has to do it anyways, BUT, your government should not try becoming a King-Kong like I described earlier. The best money I can imagine is of a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), as the cost for printing paper money would dissolve, but probably cost more in maintaining the digital infrastructure. With time, computational prices would go down. The computational power of the rocket launcher in the Apollo Mission is the computational power you get from your laptop or a smartphone today! Having said this, the CBDC again should not be played by the government alone, as there are chances of centralized speculation, hence, we people should take part in building it. This is an idea I first heard from this guy who I consider my mentor in Economics. This does not mean I would agree with everything he has to say, however, he has a lot of cool ideas that could perhaps make significant changes in our society if he gets the right resources to execute.

Before we talk about the future of money or anything highly abstract, let’s dig on how modern society is conditioned.


In every modern society, you get to hear this, about going to school and making it up to University, getting a P.hD and getting a job. School is not missed, no parents would want their children not-to-go to schools except a few who already figured out in their lifetime that centralized schooling does not matter much. The suggestions have big implications for the society, and once it becomes an echo chamber, the feedback loop is pretty strong. This explains what is centralized schooling.

We all have at least one friend who would love to pursue a University degree and then get a P.hD and bag some research funds from grants and the University, or from the government and make his livelihood with a shiny “Dr.” title before his name. This is not a bad motive, to be able to educate someone else is a powerful thing. To educate someone to join a Ponzi scheme is not. I claim that most of the University education is a Ponzi scheme to keep the centralized schooling game going for decades, if not for centuries. It does not matter if you do not find a job after a P.hD because you can always game the system to recruit more people to game the scheme and you can make a living out of it. I am not against the concept of a University, but provided the fact that most of the University Education are not about how to be more productive and become able to think critically to many aspects of our lives, the education has failed here. It is true that you might be able to produce a lot of technicians and standard workers for the industry, but education is not just about excelling in a particular subject matter. The skills should go beyond one field of expertise, so as to say, it should enable people to think critically, analyze situations and make optimized evaluations and decisions to one’s need.

The future looks different from my view, you would not need a formal degree to do something that earns your livelihood. You would not need to game the Ponzi scheme and feed on innocent poor people. You would not need to submit to the King-Kong gangs and help them tweak your personal lives. You would not need to worry about privacy issues and whistle-blowing as the technology against the King-Kong gangs are evolving from centralized systems to a more decentralized and distributed approach. Peer-to-peer systems are at the heart of it, anything peer-to-peer is cool, with encryption the communication is secure and not controllable by a single authority.

If you are looking into the future, follow the leads,

This piece of work has not been sponsored by any organization or person. This essay also does not represent the opinion of any company I am involved in, hence, all of my writings here are from my personal point of view.


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