TO BUY OR NOT BUY : Timberland


TO BUY OR NOT BUY: Timberland

seriously good!

I am neither a travel blogger nor have I been ever sponsored by Timberland or any other shoe stores to write this article. This is a gear review from my inner self and is my sole opinion and does not represent any company or entity I am associated with.

To buy or not buy, it depends on what kind of boot you are looking for.

Here’s my story:

It was before Christmas back in Germany, on November 2016 that I was hunting shoes in a nearby mall (Centro: this is quite a big mall in Oberhausen, Germany) that would help me go through the cold winters in Germany. I went to Nike’s showroom and found their shoes quite diverse and attractive, but then I stumbled at the Timberland store, the showroom was quite brightly lit with yellow lights as far as I remember. I quickly began browsing through Timberland shoes, and then found that they do not just sell yellow boots, they sold varieties of boots under the same brand.

After trying out two pairs of different designs of Timberland, I tried the class 6 inch yellow boot. It felt quite smooth when I first touched it! The shoelaces are really strong ( I tell it now in 2019 because I’ve been wearing it for quite a lot), the soles are rugged and they have only worn off a very little around my heels, but everything is fine apart from that. The leather has become quite rough, although I’ve been taking care of the shoes sometimes, but not every time I wear it. The first few months, I cared it as if it were a brand new Porsche, then as the Winter passed, I came back to Nepal, I did not quite give much attention to its maintenance. I wore it in muddy roads of my country, I wore it in the dust, I wore it in hot and I wore it in the cold. It gave me different experiences indeed. Here’s my experience with the boot in different weathers,

How does it feel to walk on it for hours?
It sucks, really. The shoes feel heavy when you walk for a few hours. The weight of the boots is a bit more than you would find it in normal boots, about 1lbs each. That’s almost about 1 Kilogram on your feet! Well, boots are normally heavy and it was my first time that I tried a boot so heavy. I could not stand wearing it for hours. If you are walking swiftly, or need to walk fast, please do not wear these boots as you’d feel its weight quite soon. Also, note that wearing tight shoes is pretty more comfortable than keeping the lace a bit loose.

If celebrities have promoted something that does not necessarily mean they are the best, but with Timberland boots, I can confidently say that it is a very good boot to wear, looks quite stylish when you wear it on black jeans!

You also get to buy a good waterproofing spray that would keep your shoes look fresh. The liquid comes in a small black plastic bottle, and you could also buy an extra pair of laces (the price was 3 Euros as far as I remember) but an extra lace is not necessary because Timberland laces are very strong!

Where to buy? I bought it from the Timberland showroom. You should also look for ways to find authorized showrooms around you. There are a lot of copycats from Timberland, so do avoid those counterfeits and buy from an authorized store. You could check Timberland’s website to see where they have stores around the world.

The 4 GB Tragedy

After I came back home from Germany, all of my photos in Germany were stored in my phone’s external SD Card. When I got back, I got a new phone as my old phone’s battery got abnormally swollen, then I took the SD Card out, and kept the card for a while on my wallet, I did not know that I could lose every single picture inside it as sometime later when I tried plugging in the SD Card to my new phone, the card was corrupt,so said the phone. I could never recover anything, not a single bit of information. I lost all of it, 4 GB collection of all of my pictures taken in Amsterdam, photos with friends, and places I visited.

Don’t worry though, I still have interesting pictures of my shoes. I modified the color, used local shoe polish and made it look like something else from the original color, and hence it is more orangish rather than yellow boots, but hey, orange boots look really cool!

Also, I do not wear it often, so I took the pictures as it is, no cleaning up or anything, just raw pictures.

Here’s the image and this is something that you would not find usually in the web, all gear review pictures are usually shiny and such, but this review is genuine as I am writing about it the first time since I bought the shoes in 2016.

On the left, there was the weight of my shoe, 400 grams! I used a local shoe-polish to maintain my shoes, and on the right, my boots from the top-view, and this boot is 3 years old!

Below is the fresh image of the Timberland boot you will find on websites! Go try them, they are awesome!

Image Credits: Timberland

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