Travel to Dehra Dun India after 11 Years in the United States

Traveling to Dehra Dun India
Travel To Dehra Doon india

I’m born in Dehra Dun India and Traveling back to Dehra Dun India after 11 Years in the United States, so prepping for my travels should be easy or I thought they would be.  My plan was to fly from Newark NJ to Delhi, wait for friends or family to meet me at the airport and then travel to Dehra Dun.  Sounds simple enough right?

Traveling will be fun!

Well in everything simple there are complications and well a way around it.  Two days before traveling, I come to find out that well Delhi is on Lockdown.  It has to do with some random guy shooting at the police.  Later he became identified as a terrorist.  Or maybe the Corona Virus is the root cause.

Oh my India, I still love you!

Maybe reality is trying to tell me something here.  Traveling to Dehra Dun won’t be easy.  The last time I went to India, my hometown, the State Capital of Dehra Dun was on Lockdown due to elections.  To make matters even more interestingly scary, I was there in India for 45 days working on a Tech Project.

At that time the Swine Flu was circulating and now the Corona Virus.  They call it the simple cold/flu.  Just like Swine Flu.  But lethal enough to kill a person.

So now here I sit, 2 days before traveling and scrambling around for a solution.  What’s a guy to do?

India’s a great place to visit, it’s beautiful, vibrant and very technically advanced. However, it does come accompanied by its own level of scammers and ill-doers.  I guess that it’s safe to say, that can be anywhere in the world.  Traveling to Dehra Dun Should be interesting.

Luckily for me, there’s a flight from Delhi Indra Gandi Airpot to Dehra Duns, Jolly Grant airport.  However, I’ll be sitting around the airport in Delhi for 6 hours waiting for Indigo, Air India or whichever other airlines I chose.  The cost is approx. 30-50 US Dollars.

Originally, I was invited to speak at a conference in Delhi, along with, which has been asking me for years.  As any good colleague I’ve worked with for years, we continue to work together.  The conference information CSharpCon can be found here.  I’ll still be attending although not speaking.

The organization was kind enough to grant me a VIP Stay at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel located at Yamuna Sports Complex in Delhi.   During this time, I hope to get a better insight on some of the emerging markets as well as socialize and network a bit.  If I were to speak at the conference, as asked, I’m still not sure what I’d speak about.

My career in Technology is vast and wide.  This experience set that I’ve gained over the years either intimidates people or intrigues them.  Being from a generation that claims to ” Know it all “,  which I obviously do not.

My career started in the most unusual manner.  It started by creating my first website, which was outsourced to a developer in India to build it for me.  I was freshly done with College.  Somehow, the winds of time, guided me towards Mortgage Banking, along with a side hustle as an entertainer/Disc Jockey.

As technology flourished, so did my side business, in fact, it flourished more than my Monday thru Friday 9-5 Job.  I remember sitting back and thinking, well, my contracts for Mortgages are worth more than for being a Disc Jockey so I began digging deeper and deeper into Tech.

It wasn’t long before I attributed the success to Technology.  No possible way, I was that good of an entertainer to be around all the movers and shakers.  If there was a Bollywood Concert on the East Coast, I was there backstage.  That had to be the power of technology.  So I began another quest.

Later in 2006, I decided to go back to Pennsylvania State University to further my education.  I remember looking at SQL as if it were Greek.  I never imagined the rabbit hole went that deep.  As time progressed, I was offered a job at Penn State as their IT Consultant and I hopped on the opportunity and remained for 4.5 years.

Later in life, I got into many different industries, Pharma, Clinical Research, Ecommerce and more.  This allowed me to see projects and teams from different points of view and how the day to day operations was carried out.  However, one thing in common was, they all circulated around technology.

Now with blockchain on the rise and forefront, the future is certainly looking bright for a technologist.  More importantly, it’s looking great for communities such as CSharpCon, who never stopped.

They continued to build and grow, it is my honor to attend and although we aren’t an Official Sponsor like:  Graphite GTC, MCNsolutions, MindCracker, Aspose, Eiysis, and Revinfotech, we are sponsors none the less.  There will certainly be more coming from the team at the conference.  Stay tuned.

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