Tuition Free Education for Foster Kids in Pennsylvania ( Governor Tom Wolf )

Pennsylvania State University
A new bill allows Pennsylvania youth in the foster care system to attend any college or university in the state tuition free.

A bit overdue, I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time now.  A few months ago, Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill allowing Foster care kids to attend any college or university tuition-free.

This is a step forward for the Pennsylvania education system as well as one for the education system within the United States in general.

Pennsylvania joins other states including Maine, Maryland, and Massachusetts in waiving tuition for foster youth.

Of course, there are stipulations, rules, SOPs that must be followed.  However with the highest reason being, well, foster care kids have a higher rate of criminal activity and we certainly can’t blame them.  These are children who have never really had any sort of parental figures in their lives teaching right from wrong.

Most Government programs are there to help people.  However, they are turned corrupt with greed and cynicism only to be released as the only means to an end.  Aggression towards the ones the officials are there to help.  You’re a dollar sign to them, nothing more.

This program will hopefully give these children a chance to rise above.  More success stories and the ability to live a life that many who are not foster kids boast of and take advantage of.  The American dream perhaps with cost often the factor for not attending a formal university.  While 84% never attend and only 20% being able to actually attend.

Director of the Child Maltreatment Solutions Network at Penn State Jennie Noll says the waivers will benefit a population that often has bad outcomes.

Although this is great news for foster kids.  This is still a blow to kids outside of the foster care system with poverty being the root cause for them not attending.  These are kids who

Education System
Our Education System

are from families not financially stable to allow their own children to attend a university without taking on huge burdens of financial debt accompanied by a load of student loans, lack of work once complete and fall further into the pit of the American Dream debt.

While the previous generation boasted of college being means to an end, a luxury, the right of passage into adulthood.  The college experience now is exposure to formal life training.  The ability to fend for oneself only to come home and be subjected to the same job roles that non-college goers are offered.

Everything is social integration.  With the future at stake here.  Hopefully, these kids, with the right education, become more empathetic to the needs of the lesser privileged society that has also followed a similar path in life than the privileged society has.

Desire and dedication play an intricate role.  If one is not willing to sacrifice, regardless of social status, they’ll never make it.

The program requires these children first exhaust and file for U.S. Pell Grant Monies and Scholarships first.  Then proceed to apply for the program which will be available as soon as the Fall 2020 semester.


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