source : Wikipedia : Grand Poobah character from a Movie

A simple guide to detecting cults and quitting quietly

Modern English refers to the term “cult” to a social group characterized by its unusual religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs or its interests in a particular personality or goal. Pejorative is what it is usually considered.

How do you know you are in a cult?

There is a Grand Poobah like figure in your group, no exceptions. He won’t let you be honest without shaming you. He won’t let you argue because you have to ‘behave’ and stay regulated. He won’t let you learn because he does not want you to go beyond his domain. He is the Commander in Chief in everything, he is the Lord of everything, he is the GRAND POOBAH of all POOBAHs.

You know your GRAND POOBAH probably.

It does not end there, GRAND POOBAH is clever, he’s smart and very stupid. He recruited interns and volunteers for his cult. He won’t just recruit them and pay them for their poobah’ish actions, why would he? because he’s the GRAND POOBAH and he can do everything he wishes to. His interns will crush you, they will shame-corner you, they will accuse you of things you never did, and they will be full-timers soon while you keep on wondering why the GRAND POOBAH did not notice you. He did, but the does not want you because you do not talk POOBAH’ish, you do not eat POOBAH’ish, neither you throw shit-storms POOBAH’ish. You have no way in, the only way is out.

How do you make a resolution before you provoke the GRAND POOBAH for the rest of your lives?

This is tricky, you don’t want those interns or full-timers come after your or your legacy in any part of your life. Get out quietly. Wise men do not speak a lot, unless they want to confuse everyone including themselves, what a pure way to create true-randomness. You gotta talk POOBAH’ish at least for a while, and receive a warm farewell before you uncult yourself. Unculting is an art, but not everyone wants to uncult themselves quietly, why should they when the line is being drawn anyways? There’s no way back.

Uncult yourself quietly, and people will forget you. Uncult yourself violently and those violent delights have violent ends.


Do not try to form another group of the unculted, because you are now trying to become a GRAND POOBAH of the unculted, a cult of the unculted.

Here’s what Dylan Thomas has to say

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


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