We are not alone


Life isn’t total and uniform, rather its assortment of circumstances. At times you are crossing through acceptable occasions and at times you need to confront predicaments. Be that as it may, with Strength we can go over each predicament. Certain circumstances and episodes stun us as well as placed us in nostalgic breakdown. Still life furnish us occasions to come out with new expectations and alternatives.

In the absolute most hardest occasions we believe that we won’t have the option to come out from this yet and still, at the end of the day Allah make ways from every single Dead end.

The Prophet’s clan – the Quraysh – chose to flee from the voice of Haq. They intended to assault Prophet’s home to complete the rising fame Islam.

When they understood that the Prophet ﷺ had fled, they dispatched all types of search groups and chasing units around Makkah to attempt to discover him, promising immense bounties to the person who brought him back in any condition.

The Mushrikīn arrived at the kickoff of the cavern that the Prophet ﷺ and his friend were covering up in. Abu Bakr al-Ṣiddīq stated, “I took a gander at the feet of the Mushrikīn while we were in that cavern, and they were in a real sense on top of us. I stated, “O Messenger of Allah, if any of them just peers down they will see us!” The Prophet ﷺ stated, “What do you think O Abu Bakr of two individuals, whose third is Allah?” (Agreed upon)

The Prophet and his partner gave up everything: their spouses, their kids, their riches, their companions, their territory, everything. Be that as it may, Allah was with them, as He generally is with all the upright adherents.

Prophet (PBUH) lessons show that we need to create basic put stock in Allah. We can come out from any circumstance on the off chance that we have solid Believe that Allah is consistently with US.


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