You don’t need a macbook to learn python


It was Friday, 22nd of November, 2019, I met my former German teacher in his office. He is a super talented German language teacher. He wanted to buy a new laptop because his current laptop was performing not like it used to. The problem was not super big, he just wanted a smoothly functioning laptop which he could use to check his E-mails, and make some presentations and documents. He also wants to learn Python. He was about to buy a Macbook Pro, just because he wanted a smooth functioning laptop! His current laptop has 4GB of Memory, and 1TB of Hard Disk space and a good processor, more than enough to do the things he wants to do.

Advantages of porting to Linux

  1. A Windows System takes a lot of Disk Space. I gave my example, my laptop has only 128GB of Hard Drive space, and that is quite limited. At a moment, my Windows OS size went up to more than 70 GB, and even if I cleaned a lot, it was not going below 50 GB. After installing Linux, now I get a lot of free space to use. I still have 50 GB of space left for stuff, which was never possible with my Windows system installed, as we all know that windows files are quite large, and software packages that are built for Windows are quite bulky.
  2. It is quite easy to install software packages in Linux System once you get a hang of it. To install a software in Linux, all it takes is a small line of code and the rest is handled by Linux itself.
  3. Ubuntu is more performant than Windows, there’s no doubt. Linux is what serves your routers, webservers (mostly), embedded systems, drones, etc.
  4. Linux is Free, and it comes with a lot of freeware. Windows is a vendor-locking world.

Linux supports everything one needs to learn Python. A 4GB Memory and a few Gigabytes of space are good enough to learn Programming!

Now it is 24th. Nov 2019 and I’m in his office installing Ubuntu in his system. He saves 1800 Dollars. When he needs to build mobile apps, then he can buy high-end computers but that’s got to wait because it would take at least 6 months for him to grasp the basics of everything in computing. Until then, laptop prices will keep on being more reasonable.


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