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hey all friends… how are you guys? Who doesn’t recognize teak wood? I’m sure you understand.. Well, here we will introduce and offer a simple and unique craft made from teak wood. Yes, maybe some of you like and are interested in owning the item and then buy it. Teak wood is wood that is not easily weathered and durable, so who is not interested in buying it? Most handicraft objects are made of wood which may be easy to rot.
So, for those of you who are curious, what are the types of simple crafts made of teak wood?
you can visit the location in Kricaan Mesir, Salam, Magelang, Central Java.

You can also order via online via WhatsApp: 081225896432 or 081227561980
Gmail :
Instagram : joglo_mesir_wood
Thank you for your pleasure to visit our blog. We thank you very much if you are reluctant to come to our place of work and help launch our business trip. see you next time my friend…


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