On a Sunday morning when I got up in this lockdown period, I read a quote of one of my favorite scientist STEPHEN HAWKING which stated that ,”COMPUTERS WILL OVERTAKE HUMANS WITH AI WITHIN 100 YEARS ,WHEN THAT HAPPENS WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT COMPUTERS HAVE GOALS ALLIGNED WITH US. Just after reading this quote , i was literally fascinated and thought for a moment, ” is there something like this also”,after that i started researching on this topic and came to know about many facts. Do you know the meaning of AI? If not then let me tell you the meaning based on my research. Now, When we split the word artificial intelligence, artificial and intelligence, artificial means something which is man-made or non natural and intelligence means ‘THINKING POWER’,. In short Artificial intelligence,is the tendency of machines to work as humans. The term ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE was coined by John McCarthy. The purpose of the first computer was to break the German communication,and for building such a computer Allan turring played a major role and later in 1950 he proposed a question”CAN MACHINES THINK?”,and the answer for this is still unknown. For this we need machines which behave,think and work like humans.

AI has weak and strong and AI. Weak AI are the one which is preprogrammed for example your Siri, Google assistant, Alexa which are installed in your mobiles, iPad or tabs . which means  that these all are preprogrammed devices and can only answer for up to specific question. Whereas, the strong AI are the ones which are not preprogrammed but can act on the present situation, for example Smart cars in USA of Tesla company is a car which is moved my its own just by entering the designated location. It will also apply brakes and stop when necessary.

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After all this research i seriously understood the fact behind Stephen Hawkins quote, with in a short span of time there are these many developments, then i really can’t imagine the later  technology and inventions after few years. With this I have understood that “AI TILL NOW HAS BEEN AN INTELLECTUAL LANGUAGE FROM NOW ON IT WILL BE A COMMON LANGUAGE, YOUR PERSONAL LAPTOPS AND MOBILE PHONES ARE GONNA TALK BACK TO YOU IN A WAY YOU CANT IMAGINE,FROM THE BASIC HOLIDAY PLANNINGS TILL THE MOST COMPLEX DEFENSE ANALATICS,THIS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS INTEGRATED WITH HUMAN INTELLIGENCE IS THE FUTURE AND THAT FUTURE WILL BEGIN NOW”.


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