Best five startups under $15 and make $150


1. Travel Agency

Most people are travel loving people. If you have good networking skills, running a travel agency will fetch you good returns. Everyone loves travelling so you can start a travel agency just under $15

Few points which are considered for best response.

  1. find the place where you are going to give your service.
  2. make a best business plan according to you.
  3. get two more friends to help you out in your dream to get successful.
  4. complete all legal side e.i registration of your business as partnership or sole proprietary
  5. target your customers.
  6. give your best in your business
  7. last but not least have patients

2. Mobile Repair Shop

The most selling item in Indian market is perhaps is mobile phones. If you are tech savvy and want to start a business with a tight budget, consider mobile repairing services.

  Few points which are considered for best response.

  1. First of all you have to learn repairing and understand the mechanism of at least most common phones i.e. Apple, Samsung, Xiomi, are common nowadays
  2. Work for few months to gain experience for at least 6 months that is enough to learn all about mobile repairing.
  3. Make a working and most suitable plan and budget for your startup.
  4. Rent an ideal location for your working place, but in the world of internet everyone wants to get service at their doorstep so i personally prefer to open a online repairing center on other hand.
  5. Give your best service and ask for review on your website
  6. Employ an expert technician for your help and to handle doorstep service if you require.
  7. As usual last but not least have patient.

3. Food Stall

We all have three basic needs clothes, food and shelter. out of these food is every ones priority, and this is your lucky chance to if you are passionate for cooking or you love cooking.

Few points which are considered for best response.

  1. In this small scale business you first have is passion and some creativity to get extraordinary response.
  2. second arrange all the ingredients you need for your stall.
  3. After that you have to make new, creative, delicious and eye catching recipe for your customers which is unique from your competitor. this make your business successful at a high level.
  4. Choose an ideal place for your stall i.e. near bus stand, college, schools etc. so that you can get more customers.
  5. promote your business by putting a hording near your stall which is colorful. best colors for food hording are yellow, red, green, but you can get it as your preference.
  6. Get a helper if you are not able to handle all your work at your own. (but keep in mind it increase your budget)
  7. Give your best at all and make consistency in your taste for long time customers and don’t forget to take review for your food and services.


The demand for good tutors is growing. If you have a passion for teaching students, tutoring is a no investment opportunity to make good money. Additionally, there are plenty of online tutoring platforms where you can register for providing tuition or you can give a home tuition which have more earnings than ordinary.

Few points which are considered for best response.

  1. Probably no investment to start tuitions.
  2. Many online platforms which give enough income for your services.
  3. Get a good catching and pro name for your institute.
  4. Get certified to show your ability to teach to parents.
  5. Set up a fix place for your students where they can learn what you want to teach them in a best study environment.
  6. Fix time for tutoring and take test on time for check students performance and your too.
  7. Be humble to teach again and again and give your best solution to your students

5. Fitness Trainer

Fitness is one aspect which has grown exponentially especially in urban cities and towns. You can take a fitness training course and start training people.

  Few points which are considered for best response.

  1. First train yourself properly to show your results and get more customers.
  2. Start with a nominal charges such as $100 for 3 months training.
  3. Give full attention to all your customers for long lasting business, and be aware of your competitors
  4. Get all required equipment for your gym or for your customers training.
  5. Get a good place to open gym and take look on cleanliness.
  6. Bring speaker to play motivation songs or beats to energize your customers.
  7. Give your best and get your best.


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