Canon SL3 Reviews


Canon SL3 Reviews,


we’re looking at the canon
sl3 which is the update to the very very
popular canon
sl2 but is it really worth the upgrade
and who is this camera
really for and i know what you’re asking
should i buy this over the cheaper and
arguably better
canon m50 well to be honest it’s a
pretty complicated story so
let’s dive right in and figure out
exactly what this camera does and
who exactly it’s for let’s get into it
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et’s jump right
into the specs this camera has a 24
megapixel aps-c
size sensor which is extremely popular
and is actually in most of canon’s
top of the line cameras it also has a
digic8 processor which is only a slight
bump over the sl2 digix 7 processor
it doesn’t really change that much in
the camera but it does give you 4k and
slightly better autofocus but more on
that later
and one of the best things about the sl3
is the fact that it has a full ef mount
on it
which the m50 does not with the ef mount
you literally have access
to the entire range of canon lineup you
have canon
lenses and you have the third party
lenses which are some of the best
and also some of the most affordable
lenses on the planet right now
with this camera you will literally
never run out of good lenses to shoot on
and above all else the canon colors just
look perfect the reds the blues the
are just the right hues faces and people
super attractive there’s something about
canon colors where everybody looks good
and it has this classic look
that everybody adores so if you do have
an ugly friend
use this camera in terms of photos it
5 frames per second in continuous
autofocus in full
24 megapixel canon raw which
sounds way more impressive than it
actually is 5 frames per second at this
price point is not that impressive and
it’s actually
not that great the canon m50 does 10
frames per second
with the same autofocus so to be honest
it’s kind of a leptin the autofocus in
the sl3 is
truly impressive through the optical
viewfinder you get nine points of
autofocus which
not that impressive but in live view you
get three
thousand points of autofocus if you’re
someone that uses the lcd
to compose your photos you literally
cannot take a bad photo with this
the colors look good the sensor is
amazing and the autofocus
is spot on you literally can’t take a
bad photo
sadly because of the relatively slow
speed of 5 frames per second i wouldn’t
recommend this camera for action shots
or sports but i actually think this
would be a great
portrait and product photography camera
and i actually did a quick test shoot
with one of my friends baking companies
and the photos came out


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