Name : Mega Suciarfina B.

Class : Agribisnis C


My daily routine, I usually wake up at 7:00 am to get ready for class at 8 am.  Meanwhile, on holidays I wake up around 9:00 am.  Saturday I use it to calm my mind and Sunday I will wash my clothes.  My routine in the morning is found by washing dishes if I forget to wash it at night, then I cook breakfast of course for myself, because it is my sister who cooks at home (because my cooking is not good hehe, actually not too bad ahem).

After breakfast, I usually sit on the sofa while scrolling my cellphone, sometimes I also like to visit my sister’s room and play with her child, you know babies are very cute, especially their cheeks are like delicious mochi cakes and I want to eat that (just kidding).  Because I also rarely take a nap, sometimes I play mobile games, actually not sometimes but often haha, I play online games like Toram Online, Dragon Raja and Love Nikki to relax, because the two action games feel like watching real anime because, using the main quest, then T.O is looking for money like having to trade something like in the real life even though it’s just a game hehe.

Then at night what do I usually do?  I’m confused myself, I’m sorry, don’t read it too seriously, okay :).  So that night sometimes in the living room with family stories, usually the topic is about politics and theory huh :v of course not, don’t be seriously guys. Next, dinner is usually around 8 pm or past 8 if I am :).  The people in my house when it’s 10 pm or 10:45 pm are already asleep, so I’m the only one who hasn’t slept.  So I’m going to vent a little, ahem, I started sleeping, it was at least 03.00 am, sometimes until the morning I could sleep.  You must be asking why?  Well, I like to have trouble sleeping at night, that’s okay too, but if I’m tired, I usually like to fall asleep quickly.  But I also shouldn’t be too tired, because if I have a nosebleed, it means I’m tired even though I actually feel that my body isn’t too tired.  And Alhamdulillah now I’ve had nosebleeds quite rarely compared to when I was in kindergarten and elementary school.  by the way, thank you for hearing my vent haha.

Wait, before I close I want to tell you why I prefer playing online games to offline.  Actually, it’s because I’m tired of playing offline games since middle school and now it’s time to move on to new cool things, by the way online games are good we can chat with strangers so we can also make friends even though we don’t lose much with friends  one of our servers.  And, those who play are also friendly even though sometimes strange drama occurs in the game LOL.

I want to tell you one more thing, I play a game called “Goddess MUA” where there are a lot of Vietnamese people and the funny thing is that if you want to talk, you usually use English because it’s an international language.  Well, we are different Vietnamese people chat with Indonesian people instead of using Japanese :v and finally her thought I was Japanese and I also thought her was Japanese, then the truth was revealed that we are not both Japanese.  How can it be revealed???  Yes, you’re asked where you came from, even though it’s been solved, we’re still chatting in Japanese.

Note: “but actually it was triggered by my IGN which uses Japanese, haha.”

That’s all and thanks for reading this, see you later 🙂


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