Earth: Humans and their technology


I wonder why the world became like this. I don’t know if there is scheme behind all of these. As the world introduces more advanced type of technologies, the more we forgot what we live for and where we live. It’s like, the producers of such things made us addicted that we forgot to live instead living on screen. I wonder, what kind of people they are behind the screen. Have you also think about this? Earth is screaming for help, but we are deaf and blind of we see and hear. Have we ever done something to help our world? Aside from posting and gathering¬† followers all over the world, competing against ourselves of whom who’ll have the largest number of hearts. As we sank deeper unto technology, the more we became ignorant of what’s really happening on the world we live. why did I think like this? Why? Have you ever did something useful after seeing or reading or hearing something about how the Australia’s forest fire engulfed and burned everything of the ecosystem there? Huh, I’m not even sure if that I got the correct place. The news was something that passed by on my Youtube and I just watch it then did nothing, not even a small thing,,¬† just putting it back on my mind. Then, I scrolled and watch something that will amuse me, not something that will give me more problems. You did too, right? Hmmm. The world is changing, but no matter how many times we neglect it, someday what we did today will eventually bite back, tenfold. Well, for now, I’m practicing recycling as much as I can. Hope that you’ll do too, in hopes that our small things to help ourselves can save us in the future.

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