1. We are all equal and our ancestors walked out of Africa, skin colour is not any reality to white black or yellow, just variations of . of light and dark.
  2. Respect everyone is different and don’t be judgemental 
  3. It you don’t shout at don’t shout back
  4. If you whisper something people will listen
  5. Arguments are for the upper hand 
  6. Don’t interfere with anyone’s past times
  7. Don’t start sentences with you/your, better to advise
  8. If somebody feels upset or angry placate, don’t inflate
  9. Cuddles are for those that have the upper hand
  10. Strictly live and let live
  11. Categorically don’t judge or criticise
  12. Lavish only good praises
  13. Let them try, try, try and try again
  14. Encourage growth in them 
  15. If this person phycology was innate in human kind in human kind, what a kind humanity would be
  16. Inclusion not division
  17. Work together so all will grow
  18. Look how ants are, nothing if not whole


  1. Each class has an hour a month to discuss personal items, best game, TV or such things
  2. Staff have one lunch time a month doing same
  3. Once a month, my class goes on a field trip, for a country walk, and to farm excreta. The class will vote from options listed
  4. Parents of the children, if possible, could, parents of the children
  5. Each member of staff and pupil have any have a copy of introduction
  6. It could be taken home by them to discuss with their family
  7. This all encourages togetherness


  1. There should be one big caged pen with lockable individual pens, but only where necessary
  2. The pen has a tennis ball machine that pops out tennis balls, and have footballs and s stepped up tube for the dogs to run through with a sandpit type communal toilet place
  3. Dogs are all fed at once, learning they have to return to their pens
  4. This assumes the dogs are entertained and leave each other alone 
  5. There has to be a person monitoring all the time. For aggressive dog behaviour, to open the individual to calm down
  6. Said person in charge of sand pit cleaning, feeding and water for dogs


  1. One big pen similar to dogs, with individual pens, ping pong , scratch post and robotic mice
  2. Assumed like dogs, kept entertained and not fighting
  3. As with dogs, one person deals with day to day of cleaning out one big litter tray, feeding and watering


  1. Voting system so that the retired residents can go out on an afternoon trip
  2. If there was an association with the kennel and cattery, the residents could bring their pets with them
  3. Other residents could have a peg type system to spend am allotted time with some sort of peg system
  4. Another option is common, but exotic animals could be brought in by a handler


  1. Could perhaps divide up some shares as some form of benefit to staff which would benefit everyone (small percentages could do it
  2. An hour every month all staff of companies and staggered for all larger companies do they discuss things of interest to them
  3. An hour every month all staff of smaller companies so they discuss things of interest to them
  4. Last Friday of every month POET day and shut for afternoon, having a lunch and a drink, with a vote deciding what they will do having a lunch and drink with a vote deciding what they will do, option of going home
  5. This would encourage them to be part of team



  1. Customers could keep multiple products in on their shallow trolley or baskets, just putting one item on the conveyor belt announcing one of this 2 of this, 8 of that etc
  2. It could be beneficial to encourage basket users, to use their own bags

This would benefit if round the World adopted, less baskets environment all benefit, and reduces carbon by no manufacturing, and less lorries delivering them.

  1. Have coin machines outside to change notes so no queuing inside for pound coins
  2. If possible(with savings) staff have a meeting an hour a month to discuss their own interests, like film, TV, books, cards etc. This encourages bonding
  3. Perhaps they could shut up shop for one afternoon a month with a vote to do something if interest
  4. Copy of introduction for staff
  5. If there is a lunch run for everyone perhaps there could be a turn for everyone which would have more lunchtime for them and the cafe would save time on the large order bigger companies by department
  6. Each member of staff has a copy of the Introduction and every office has a framed copy 
  7. There should be strict sharing of information in an open and beneficial office


  1. With alcoholic drink with no ice, ie beers, lagers and mixers without out ice, you should by buy the multiples that are required, this would be helpful for yourself, not fighting for the attention of the bar person ie if four lads enter and agree five beers for the evening, there would be 20 beers on the table. It would mean the bar person would work more efficiently
  2. If you had a message on each table with the above message and another to state when you have empties take them to the bar which will help your fellow customers and bar staff. How many times do they have to come round for collections.
  3. It is certain not everyone will follow, some will do straight away and some will see the message a few times, others may follow the people that do it.



  1. Perhaps one lunchtime a month, one of the shops hosts a collection of others in a social food and drink gathering.
  2. As an alternative then every other one could be pointers to key of success


They could take their pick

  1. Loyalty financial rewards
  2. Collective sharing info
  3. Meetups for social info
  4. A framed copy of the Introduction in their shops
  5. This could be facilitated by the companies by mingling with own type of company, but may be rewarded better together


For all other individuals and not included business, perhaps they could take on board this information and adopt the essence of the culture intended.

This is all particularly relevant to post covid/SARS where the individual has been polarised and the Introduction and in particular ”look how ants are if they are not whole”



  1. The individual can adopt the Introduction
  2. Always be kind, courteous, respectful and considerate
  3. Allow time and kindness with as much understanding as possible
  4. Pay special attention for those less fortunate than you
  5. Touch your neighbours
  6. Keep contact with your family no matter what
  7. If people are not right to you, they have had people not right to them, make allowances
  8. With tone, body language and volume people can have it in their own head what to convey, but your experience can spin it a different way
  9. First impressions are never right, it is only a snapshot, dependent your aspect at the time too
  10. How often in amazing way you state (I never knew you did that and their estimation goes up a few notches)
  11. As a family member try as much as possible not to adopt negative experiences you may have, raise yourself up and notch as experience you would not adopt to anyone else.
  12. As a far as meeting people, never assume you are better than them, or visa/versa because we are all different
  13. We all have all different characters, some better than others. If you use parameters of zero-100 percent, a blind person is zero and twenty vision is top. This is applied in every manor, brain cells, body balance, heart, personally traits, hair, sex drive, odour
  14. The people between the average twenty to eighty percent category are the majority,  The others that fall outside those parameters are those that have special needs, albeit they may have a particular brain pattern that spurn the mathematicians, artists and leaders of some form or another.
  15. In order for people to grow happily we all need to be part of that. Everybody is sure to benefit.
  16. There would be less distance between the average and special needs
  17. With children, always crouch to their level, dogs where necessary, but offer your lightly clenched hand to be smelt and most dogs receive well. Cats unfortunately have to come to you
  18. If you take a joint or milk or similar items out of the freezer sometime before you need it and place it in the refrigerator, it saves the use of electricity on the refrigerator
  19. If you come across a council worker who is clearing the park bins and a park walker mentions there is an armchair in the carpark, he states it is not his job, they know about it, it’s another department. When you consider that it all delivered to landfill, this attitude is miles away from this document. These not my job type scenarios need friendly and helpful pointers and gentle development.
  20. If you are man and sore when hot, a cold tip, place tissue between your groin, maybe 4 tissues (or 2 kitchen towels folded once and place either as side keeping them in place, they should be a V, I know works for boxers, not sure about pants, though it might easier with the side of them taken the v.
  21. If you ever want anything done speak to the decision maker
  22. If you have pesky nits in your swing bin, remove lid and put cloth or something on it, to seal and they don’t return
  23.  If out on a walk with adverse weather, use plastic bag to contain cushion, tape up to water tight, could be used for back or bottom, or take two
  24. Keep a stool in the bathroom, it is far easier than stooping and easier all together for brushing your teeth etc
  25. I was most unfortunate, there were tiny midges invested in my home, I was banging on the walls and somebody phoned to say “The neighbours are reporting noises, I thought to be polite and went do both doors and knocked on their door and there was no answer, this has led me to change the way i do things, so now everything is out away as possible, and what’s more, the tidiness the cupboards means there is less hassle to clean the kitchen, it is also best to put thing away as you go, and the recycling as you go.
  26. I saw my lovely tree, bathed in sunlight and came back and washed up, because before I left, I filled it up with hot water., other ways. Other times I have seen my lovely tree, a backdrop of grey, the sun shining through its center, adorned by wisps of blue and grey, surrounded by hues of blue and pink, silhouetted by the setting sun, softly all around it a soft blanket of fluffy clouds.

Well, I guess if they don’t work as a team, they don’t work at all, so not much to offer them, because they have seen it, done it and have the t-shirt.

But perhaps the Introduction is worth a look over just to ratify their work ethic.

RUGBY PLAYERS They work very well as a team and they benefit that way

The Armed forces are the same

FOOTBALL PLAYERS can be the same, but often it is one player who is        lauded.

Don’t play a real sense of a team in the same way. But when Greece won the Euros and Leicester City won the 2016 Premiership, they were exceptional wins precisely because they played as a team, rare events almost never to be repeated.


Too many to mention, but general to them,

Where a team is a team best without the prima Donna, reference to the Introduction and the gifted sport individualist.


Have a group of people for a shared experience so they so that they can bring something they are good at, and share that to the Group and there should an invigilator to run the group, after a while they may not be needed if a fellow contributor would like to take it up, and who knows how many doors could be opened after that.


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