Hello Again

Hello again everyone!  ok so I chose to get back on here, things are looking ok on my end today, my first blog was just a bit of a mix of things from venting to just talking about random stuff. today has been  random…. like I need to catch up with some stuff random  I had a bloggspot aka blogger on my phone a few years ago, but I think I deleted it. anyway its been one of those days anyway  this blog may just end up being just like my day, Random like just now i just made myself iced coffee, got out a make shift table runner and went on to try and decorate the dinning room table, then went to mine and Jeremy’s room to make the bed and pulled out the basket of beanie boos that I have!  I have not counted them yet, but will soon! I played some sims and will probably finally get to folding the rest of the clothes that are on my couch.! anyway I can not think of anything else to blog about so till then  this is Fidget over and out!


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