Hopefully getting a new couch.


Hello fellow Bloggers and Blog readers!  Meagan aka Fidget here!  It’s been a while, but then I have been busy with some stuff, not too crazy, but  busy enough. we were suppose to have gotten a “new to us ” couch a while back, but each time has been a delay, after delay! but tomorrow will definitely ,be success on getting our couch. it was my grandma’s ( dads mom)  but it was only hers for a while, while she lived at Canterfield due to Alzheimer’s so it wasn’t really used and was covered in plastic for incase she did sit on it and so it wouldn’t get stained. anyway we’re getting it because she had passed away back in December. and no one needed or wanted it so my parents got it and are storing it for my husband and I. I am super excited about it really, because this couch we have now has seen better days! and this is what I have found to blog about, when my title was originally called rainy day!  now called ” hopefully getting a new couch! well bloggers that’s all for now until then this is  Meagan aka Fidget over and out!


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