Information Management Systems


                                      Information  management  System

What is a System?

            A system is a set of interrelated components with a clearly defined boundary, working together to achieve a common set of objectives.

                                               Input → Process→ Output

                                     SubSystem ↓

•A subsystem is a system within a system.


1. Open systems

2. closed systems

  An Information System

        Input→ Process→Output

♥Input= Input raw data from the organization or external environment.    ♥process= convert data into meaningful things.

  ♥Output= Get meaningful Information from people or activities that use it.

                                      Computer-Based Information Systems

That CBIS can be any organization combination of,

•    people

  •    Hardware

  •   Software

  •   Communication

    •   Networks

    • Data Resources

    • Policies and Procedures

                        There are five major technologies that shape society.

⊕    Mobile

                                        ⊕   Internet of things

                                        ⊕    Social media

                                        ⊕  Big data

                                         ⊕ Cloud computing

                             IT Infrastructure 

                                        1.   Technical IT Infrastructure

*    Software & data

*   Computer Hardware & Mobile devices

*    Network devices

                                         2.  Human-IT  Infrastructure

*   Data workers

*  Other It personnel with knowledge and capabilities required to manage organizational IT resources.

              Advantages of CBIS.

  • Data Centrality. Access to data via a computer network information system is central, providing a “one-stop” location to find and access pertinent computer data.
  • Information Coverage. …
  • Access Efficiency. …
  • Extensibility. …

-The end-

(  Resoures


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