iPhone vs Android

with how much it costs to buy a flagship
mobile device I think it’s fair to say
that most people would like to get a few
years out of their phones now for iPhone
people that means they’re still rockin
an iPhone 6 or 6s both of which are
actually still supported on the latest
version of iOS but if you’re more into
the Android scene you’re probably
straight out of luck as even the more
reputable manufacturers only provide
feature updates for around 2 years and
security patches for another one with
the actual follow through on these
promises being reminiscent of an
elementary school pinkie swear so what
do you do except that your once flagship
phone is now a slow insecure mess we say
no so today’s video has two main
objectives to see if we can take a
five-year old Android phone and make it
competitive with the experience of an
iPhone of the same era and while we’re
at it to investigate if an old flagship
at just 50 bucks on eBay could be a
viable option if you’re looking for a
basic smartphone and you want to save a
buck speaking of saving a buck thermal
takes a 500 that’s not really about
saving a buck it’s just really nice it’s
got a modern middle list design with
brushed aluminum panels and dual hinge
Swing tempered glass doors check it out
today at the link in the video
we began our quest by looking at a bunch
of older devices near the five-year mark
from the likes of oneplus HTC and Google
but most of them were either no longer
officially maintained by lineage OS our
ROM of choice were weren’t easily or
cheaply purchasable or didn’t have a
removable battery and that last one is
something we really want because no
amount of fresh software is gonna fix a
worn-out lithium battery we were
actually getting kind of discouraged
until we stumbled upon the LG g3 it was
a pretty big deal when it launched back
in 2014 with its top-tier specs and at
the time super high res 1440 screen and
today not only are there heaps of them
for sale on eBay but they can be had for
a mere $50 with replacement batteries
from companies like iFixit coming in at
under 20 bucks
perfect now before you run out and buy
one though make sure you get the version
of the g3 that corresponds to your
cellular carrier even though most of the
changes between the variants are just
the bloatware that comes pre-installed
on them it’s probably not worth risking
using a different one unless you have no
other choice so for us then the d 852
was the way to go oh not much in the way
of packaging on this thing but hey Wow
not bad this is in great condition
there’s hardly a scuff on it
who original battery will definitely
need the replacement one now as much as
we hoped that this was going to be as
simple as one two three click and you’re
done unfortunately Jake quickly
discovered that it was going to be a bit
more of an involved process now there
are multiple methods of gaining the
administrative access that we need to
install our third-party OS otherwise
known as rooting but none of them have
been updated to work on the latest
version of Android that LG rolled out
for the g3 thankfully though unlike iOS
we can downgrade Android with the
easiest method being to roll back to
KitKat then from there brooding is
essentially one click then we can
install our custom recovery software and
install lineage OS now we’ll have some
more details in a forum post down below
if you guys aren’t familiar
with this process before we begin the
downgrade you guys need to know a couple
of things one this tutorial is specific
to the LG g3 if you’re looking to flash
lineage OS or some other rom to a
different phone Google YouTube and the
XDA forums are your best friends – this
process will result in your phone being
completely wiped you have been warned
now let’s get into it start by
downloading and installing first the LG
USB drivers and second the LG up dll
then LG up itself this is the tool that
we’re gonna use to downgrade the phone
once you have the software ready to go
download and extract the respective
KitKat ROM for your device we’ve got
addy 852 and we’ll be using the bell
version specifically now we plug the
phone into our PC go into settings about
phone software info and tap build number
until it says you are now developer
filming it was that easy right
then we go back into the main settings
menu into developer options and enable
USB debugging this will allow our
computer to communicate with the phone
you’ll also want to swipe down on the
notification tray and enable MTP USB
mode on the PC open up LG up as an
administrator select your device and the
dot t OT file and click start give it a
couple minutes and you’ll eventually be
greeted by your KitKat equipped g3 set
up the phone quickly then head over to
settings and enable USB debugging again
with that turned on we can download and
run the one-click purple Drake route say
yes to permanently rooting as this OS is
going to be wiped for lineage OS shortly
anyway and then we’re actually getting
really close now but before we can
install our OS we’ll need a custom
recovery to be able to flash it this is
where TW RP comes into play download the
TW RP app from the Play Store onto the
phone then copy over the TW RP file
that’s linked in the description select
the file from your device’s storage in
the app and flash it then reboot to
recovery mode now is actually a really
good time to back up your install of
KitKat on the off chance that something
goes wrong so do that and copy it over
to your PC then we can wipe everything
off the device as
last but not least we’ll need to grab
the latest nightly build of lineage OS
for our device and open google apps
since they don’t come with lineage OS by
default and no Play Store on Android is
a pretty rockin bad time so we select
armed Android 8.1 and the nano version
for that then once we’ve got both we can
copy them over this into the device and
then install restart the phone and well
bound lineage OS is good to go from here
you can install any missing google apps
from the Play Store because basically
none of them come by default and then
you can optionally install the magic
root if you’d like to do root related
things not everybody’s into that though
so all that’s left now then is to take
this puppy for a little test drive for
the $70 total that we spent is this a
compelling option let’s put it up next
to our iPhone which believe it or not
still costs nearly twice that much on
eBay and find out well one thing’s for
darn tootin sure Apple while they
definitely didn’t have a screen size
advantage at this point or resolution or
resolution advantage definitely had
brighter screams like that is a that is
a market difference I don’t even think
we have phones and I think it’s a
lineage OS thing cuz as I recall when
this was stock it was a little brighter
I’m not a hundred percent sure and that
sounds a little bit weird but I kind of
feel like it was better before all right
well why don’t we go ahead and fire up a
video dude some help yeah can we just go
to the beginning ready three two one and
okay well whatever close enough cool
there you go all right you got to give
Apple credit for the color accuracy of
their displays though even back then you
can tell this is far more true to life
than this is it’s more washed out it’s a
little bit too warm screen is so much
bigger on here yeah it’s definitely
gonna be better for content absorption
yeah so I downloaded pub G on both of
them right yeah it’s a big game like
about a gigabyte yeah and it was
completely done along with the like ten
other apps I downloaded on this phone
before pub G was even done on that one
though is that speakers yeah should we
try it out this is before front-facing
speakers were really much of a thing
although the HTC one did do that around
this time but Apple even though they
were still doing just the bottom firing
speaker that’s still a lot better than a
rear speaker that was one of my big
complaints about this phone at the time
yeah I’ll crank this up what’s the other
dish is it harder to cover it up with
your hands like either way you’re gonna
have to cut it right it sounds kind of
crappy sound like a regular iPhone no
it’s it’s it yes but not in the moral of
the story they both kind of sound like
garbage all right so gaming wise we have
pub G mobile loaded it is capped at 30
FPS and we’re on low settings but how
you how you feel it’s playable although
I am seeing frame drops as well yeah it
seems like that’s a common trend with
mobile games but I’m I’m definitely
having an experience that I would say is
acceptable it’s kind of like Xbox 360
graphics but if you like play one of
those games on a laptop that can’t quite
do it so gaming wise we’re on a pretty
even playing field but let’s try web
browsing so I think for this test we
should just load up a couple of the same
websites while you’re already typing
things great Alex it’s working fine boy
it searches for fu Jake really well
okay what’s the site we can load Ars
Technica ready yeah three two one go
all right so Android looks like it was
winning a little bit there yeah this
still hasn’t even loaded all the way on
their Ltd forum yeah sure let’s let’s go
to the corporate site because I think we
already did the forum earlier the line
is Media Group okay three two one go
Oh iPhones really check in now I mean
like final load time I think we’re
pretty close yeah true it did look like
at the start there that this was going a
little bit faster but I think that was
just I mean overall they’re both pretty
similar I mean it look like the g3 was
edging out a little bit at the start but
overall acceptable usable pretty simple
we can take a quick look at my NATO
assets and for those not familiar it’s
very similar to your your stock Android
experience so to speak so not a not a
ton of like extras or anything like that
but you can load up whatever launcher
you want though so if you want to get
the ruthless pixel launcher make it look
like a pixel or any of them really even
the Microsoft one is actually pretty
good I don’t know if you’ve seen that
cool whereas on an iPhone I think we can
go deeper than this though because one
of the things that Android was really
behind Apple on in this era was rear
camera quality oh yeah we know that
software is a major component of mobile
camera performance so I think maybe why
don’t you take some pictures run around
get some other people’s impressions and
see what they think of our five year
Android versus five year iPhone
experience when we get to the camera the
gap between devices starts to become a
little more apparent
we took three identical photos on each
phone and threw a pixel three and as a
modern reference and it’s clear to see
the g3 definitely falls behind a bit
colors are more washed out and the noise
is definitely more noticeable compared
to the iPhone 6 now this is likely
because lineage OS is supported across
such a wide range of devices meaning its
camera app isn’t going to have the same
image post-processing that’s
specifically tuned by the manufacturer
for a given device you can tinker with
these settings and the included camera
app to help with this so we’d recommend
doing that it actually looks like our
older Android device be it the LG g3 or
one from another manufacturer holds up
shockingly well if you can get an OS
like lineage OS that is fully supported
with security updates
I actually am blown away by how much
phone we got for just $70 after we
replaced the battery with a brand new
unit which remember makes this thing
because it’s not like SOC s degrade over
time functionally brand spanking new now
it is missing some creature comforts
we’ve got USB micro-b instead of type C
it’s not as durable it’s not as fast it
doesn’t charge as quickly no wireless
charging obviously mobile speakers have
come a long way in the last five years
this wimpy rear speaker here compared to
the you know dual front or side but
sounds kind of front firing speakers on
something like a note 9 and of course no
biometric authentication really did feel
like going back in time compared to
facial scanners or fingerprint scanners
especially the ones under the screen and
the like bottom line is unless you need
iMessage this is looking like a very
compelling option if you want to save a
buck and you’ve got the time to invest
in it or if all that looks like way too
much work an older iPhone is still a
solid choice just make sure the battery
is up to snuff speaking of being worth
investing in how about a ring doorbell
ring is on a mission to reduce crime in
communities and with their 1080p HD
resolution and 160 degree vision having
one on your door is definitely a step in
the right direction they’ve got an
adjustable motion sensor two-way audio
so you can talk to whoever’s at your
front door its Wi-Fi capable so you can
always check what’s going on wherever
you are and it’s powered by 8 to 24 volt
AC so that’s your existing doorbell
wiring or the battery bank it connects
via an app that can work on your smart
phone or desktop with Mac and Windows
support and they’ve got a special offer
at the link below for their doorbell
camera kit that includes the video
doorbell to a spotlight cam and a solar
security sign so check it out at
ring.com slash ltte we’re gonna have
that linked below so thanks for watching
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