Kolbert-“How To Write About A Vanishing World


Kolbert uses language and tone to strengthen her piece, it is a heavy topic and one that needs to be written about. She isn’t the first person to write about an extinct animal. Kolbert has to fin ways to stand out from the others and to bring more attention to hers so that people start listening, “it was only after the dolphin was gone for good” we shouldn’t wait until after the animal is wiped out to make a difference but how does one writer convince people to read their piece when there are many written about similar topics?

While reading this essay I was astonished at the way the author inserted many different extinctions and losses that the world faces. She pulled in many scientists in varying fields to demonstrate her knowledge and credibility about the topics. Our world is suffering and many of us don’t notice until it is too late. Kolbert wrote that the Golden toads were in an abundance the first year and then disappeared the next. The essay is very alarming and brought many extinctions to my attention that I didn’t even know were extinct. My question is When is data and research over used? How does it change the way readers feel about the essay? Does it lose the intriguing notion with the science?


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