Living Planters for any Occasion


Living planters have many names in flower shops here in Wisconsin. The most widely used one is dish garden, however, times are changing and the label itself needs a polish just like the plants now and then. Here at Flora Elements, we like to turn it up a notch and mix media that might not typically be seen in other Flower Shops or websites. One of Lisa’s, our owner’s, favorite is sansevieria. This is a classic plant that has made a dramatic comeback last year and now all of the varieties are being cultivated more so we have access to them. Lisa loves to put them in a collection to show off each variety and how different each one is. Our Sansevieria Living planters can be custom made large or small and for any occasion, as they are versatile modern, traditional, and even sympathy tributes.

One of my favorite varieties is Night Owl. Not the easiest variety to be found right now, but the grey and blue undertones of the plant really are spectacular. Anytime you mix the same variety of plants into a living planter it creates interest and a desire to learn more about the plant itself and how many other varieties are available to purchase.



  1. Snake plants are considered some of the best indoor plants to purify the air, according to NASA Clean Air Study. Better air means better sleep, which makes them a popular plant for the bedroom.

  2. Easy care and low maintenance, Snake plants tolerate low light, irregular watering, and all kinds of neglect.

  3. Snake plants are slow-growing and compact, great for small spaces and container plantings.

  4. Attractive and unique, Sansevieria plants will look beautiful in many style rooms such as modern, farmhouse, and bohemian.

  5. Easy to propagate, which means you can share them as gifts, or multiply them to decorate more spaces in your home.

We offer more than Sansevieria Living Planters, the studio has many different varieties of foliage plants and exotic tropical plants to make any living planter unique and one of a kind. We deliver too! So just visit our website and click Living Planters and the price point you wish to stay within and we will send out something really nice. Or feel free to give us a call and we can decide together what might fit best in your planter. Click here to place your order online



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