Nepal Hiking Trek|Improve your memory though Trekking hiking


Improve your memory through Trekking / Hiking

Adjustment with open nature and environment help you enough to be more healthy. More researchers find the benefits associated with lowering stress levels. Hiking and trekking have been proven to reduce anxiety by quietening the mind and help your breathing to a part of a meditative state.

Current Situation after the impact of a pandemic on a different sector.

In the previous recessions, falling investment, and exports led to the downturn of different sectors. It vastly impacts private consumption, a direct impact on the backbone of south Asia, in a core indicator of economic welfare. The worldwide pandemic badly hampers to the office and works. It badly affects the people with no works, no income, and some of the people face problems that lead them to have very hard survival.

Due to this pandemic, some people nearly get depress, stress and nearly made physio and doll. But the current situation’s is all going to the normal. People and their lifestyle is going to track.

Though we are back to our daily routine, we should not neglect that the pandemic is not completely fade so here I have listed some basic rules to be safe from COVID-19 while working.

  • Use Face Mask as compulsory.
  • Frequently use hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your body with full seasonal clothes.
  • Maintain a social distance.
  • Always think positive and stay cool.
  • Try to have hot/warm water.
  • Use hand soup frequently.

Hiking as the best medicine for health

Nowadays no one cannot stay alone and without movement, in a certain place as everyone wants to wonder about new things. And also in optimistic thoughts racing up and down get the fast heart pumping, create a great cardio workout. Most cardio exercises and meditation help you to reduce your risk of the heart.

Also, an hour of hiking on a friendly trail in a day works like a tablet medicine. You can increase your walking during the weekends or during the days when you are not occupied with any important matters.


Hiking for health

The greatest rewarded with hiking is that it has a positive impact on health. There is tremendous health fitness for all level of hikers. Hiking is also a great way to communicate with nature, one can enjoy the company of friends, relatives, partner and other nearest and dearest ones. Every exercise is good for us. Short walking/ hiking in the hills makes you extra strong and stress-free.


Hike for a simple and loyal lifestyle

Well, you are thinking about your lifestyle and worried about how to make your lifestyle easy and loyal. It is too easy if you can manage everything that we do in our daily life. Some people have a great traveling passion and some have no interest in hiking or going out from their area. But I assured with the people who go out with friends, relatives and other nearest, dearest and or by self because they got into about nature, human activities, animal habitats, and other known or unknown process related to the daily activities.


To be a real being

Being a real being helps you connect with nature, break from everyday monotony. A monotonous life often takes our emotional and mental state. But hiking or a day outing Will helps you to be a real being, you will also get an unbelievable source, knowledge and opportunity to be a real being.

Healthy benefits and fitness

Outdoor activities make you more active and strong, helps you to grab different manmade and natural theories. You can get natural air and physical exercise that helps you to purify your body, movement, and respiration. Despite the fitness, it helps you mentally too, helps to improve your blood pressure, blood sugar level, helps to improve your balance and also deduct the weight of the major parts.


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