poultry training progarm


Major Steps for poultry farming are : 1 introduction 2 poultry breed 3 Poultry housing 4 equipment 5 brooding 6 feeding 7 helth and disease prevention 8 commercial broiler meat production 9 commercial egg production 10 record keepingtotal direct cost total indirect cost Total income . 1 Provide egg and meat main obejective poultry farming 2 bigger capital is not requirepoultry farming does not require much capital 3 bigger space not require you have want to commerecial poultry farming does not need huge space 4 certain of high return of investment I know everyone want to earn one of the best resion poultry farming Let me tell you broiler chicken you are mature short time And generat more profit short time 5 lesser maintinance required Unlike other farming you are require to Backyard pouitry farming does not require licence 7 easy to market Poultry product are not Rare they are very commmen .* India 3rd rank egg production in the world Idia has 6 th rank in chicken meat proction in world Egg high nutrient density protien vitamin and mineral Problems for youth generation 1 Training prograsm staff not adequate 2 Cooperative were not functional well 3 Communication problem b/w fermers and training staff 4 very little participation by woman by woman in the program 5 programme planing and coordination process not suficient profit ? WT stategies . Competition minimize WO stategies . Minimize lack of information maximize oportunities market ST stategies . Maximize Knowledge and information through commmunication and training program SO strategies . Maximum profit computeer based information technology 


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